About Us

We are Pat and Ann Pieper. For as long as I can remember our life goal was to travel when we retired. We retired in July 2019 and indeed, became full-time RVers. We are not new to camping, however, as we have been tent campers for 40+ years. We had lived our entire lives in the mid-west with our 3 boys, who are now out on their own. 

In our 5 year plan we had 4 goals. As of July,  2023 we have met 3 of those.

1. Share our love of travel and hiking with others and, at the same time, inspire others to reach for their dreams. 
2. Visit all of the national parks in the lower 48 states and do "something" in each one. On July 31 we set foot in our last national park, Isle Royale. We have been to 51 of the 63.
3. Stay over night in all of the lower 48 states, once again, doing "something" in each state.
4. Find a place that we will call home. Not quite there yet.

We have been blessed to be able to "live the dream." We hope you dare to reach for your dreams too! 


  1. Pleasure to meet you two yesterday during a visit to Channel Islands -- we love traveling as much as you. Such a joy to share dolphin pods (massive - hundreds and hundreds of dolphins) and whales during the excursion. Safe travels

    1. We enjoyed meeting you guys too. You made our return trip from the Channel Islands fun. If you didn't see the Channel Island blog, I gave you full credit for our dolphin sighting!