Friday, December 29, 2023

Reach for the stars!

We had a very nice Christmas, hope you did too. We walked on the beach a couple of times and went to a huge buffet at noon. The best part of the day? We were able to visit with all 3 of our sons, spouses, and grandkids at the same time on Google Meet!❤️ We are definitely blessed with the best!!

Let's talk about the beach. Overnight the north winds came in and brought the cold with it. Keep in mind it was 80° on Sunday and by Christmas afternoon it was down to 62°. Doesn't sound too bad does it? Boy when those 20 mph winds come off the ocean and the sun isn't out it feels cold. The ocean looked pretty angry too. On short beaches they said high tide (around 5:40 p.m.) might reach the dunes. We walked down to check it out. 

The Isle Grand dining room overlooked the pool. I assume the pool was heated. 

First time we've been down to the beach at night. The water was high in spots but not nearly up to the dunes.

Pat came in Tuesday and said he didn't need to watch SpaceX anymore he already saw a "Launch."

Lots of ugly plant material on the beach this week. 

Nasa Space Flight has a camera on one of the hotels behind us looking towards SpaceX. Before the SpaceX tests on Friday they showed this live view of a barge being towed from Florida with something being delivered to SpaceX. Pat's finger is on our RV.

At 9:20 on Fri. a static fire test on one engine of the rocket. 

At 10:50 a static fire test on the booster engines. Not sure if all 33 engines fired but it was sure a loud boom.

Where are the Piepers now? South Padre Island, TX

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

"Christmas gives us an opportunity to pause and reflect...

...on the important things around us." ~ David Cameron

FRIDAY: Thursday we waited all day for a static fire test on the SpaceX booster--cancelled. They rescheduled for Friday but also cancelled. Next possible date 27th. This is how it goes waiting for tests and launches. Pat has been under the weather for a few weeks, or rather months now, so my beach walks have been solo.

Waiting for news Fri. you tube on SpaceX test.

Sat outside and watched for a while but the MOSQUITOS are back.

Still there. I walked by and a surfer dude was taking a picture.

The star is gone.

Love to see people's creations.

I had fun caroling Fri. evening in the park. Cocoa, cider and cookies followed.

SATURDAY: Have you changed the batteries in your smoke detectors? We made a batch of my favorite cookies, and I found a group of musicians on my beach walk.

I forgot that my Mom's cookie press broke last year. Pat was able, barely, to squeeze the Spritz dough out of a pastry bag!


SUNDAY: Happy to have Pat along for my beach walk today. Nearly 80° with full sun. It was toasty. 

No, not our dog!🙂

This is the largest jellyfish I have ever seen.

Thanks to a dear friend we watched "Donovan's Reef."

Our Lady, Star of the Sea in Port Isabel.

They had a half hour Christmas program prior to Mass that was so cute! Included Mary being pulled up the aisle on a sawhorse donkey.

Wouldn't be Christmas Eve without chili.
Where are the Piepers now? South Padre, TX