Tuesday, December 26, 2023

"Christmas gives us an opportunity to pause and reflect...

...on the important things around us." ~ David Cameron

FRIDAY: Thursday we waited all day for a static fire test on the SpaceX booster--cancelled. They rescheduled for Friday but also cancelled. Next possible date 27th. This is how it goes waiting for tests and launches. Pat has been under the weather for a few weeks, or rather months now, so my beach walks have been solo.

Waiting for news Fri. you tube on SpaceX test.

Sat outside and watched for a while but the MOSQUITOS are back.

Still there. I walked by and a surfer dude was taking a picture.

The star is gone.

Love to see people's creations.

I had fun caroling Fri. evening in the park. Cocoa, cider and cookies followed.

SATURDAY: Have you changed the batteries in your smoke detectors? We made a batch of my favorite cookies, and I found a group of musicians on my beach walk.

I forgot that my Mom's cookie press broke last year. Pat was able, barely, to squeeze the Spritz dough out of a pastry bag!


SUNDAY: Happy to have Pat along for my beach walk today. Nearly 80° with full sun. It was toasty. 

No, not our dog!🙂

This is the largest jellyfish I have ever seen.

Thanks to a dear friend we watched "Donovan's Reef."

Our Lady, Star of the Sea in Port Isabel.

They had a half hour Christmas program prior to Mass that was so cute! Included Mary being pulled up the aisle on a sawhorse donkey.

Wouldn't be Christmas Eve without chili.
Where are the Piepers now? South Padre, TX

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