Saturday, December 2, 2023

We finally got out on the bikes!

Pat says we spend more time taking the bikes on and off the car than we do riding them. Unfortunately, that is true! Maybe we can change that in 2024? The winds were a low 6 mph this morning so we started out with 4 miles around the RV park. It was a perfect morning for a ride.  

I love it here in South Padre, but if I've learned one thing, it's that no place is perfect. Like other ocean parks Isla Blanca has sand burs. The bike repair shop told us yesterday that their biggest tire repair is from the burs. The grass in places is full of them. This year, anyway, it appears they have a large number of mosquitos and sand fleas or no-see-ums (not sure which they are). I am already covered in bites!

South Padre does NOT have pretty white sand beaches or waters as blue as Florida. A bonus though, the sand here is not loose like Florida but packed and much easier to walk or ride a bike on

Located just outside of the park is the Chapel by the Sea, a non-denominational chapel.

Jesus Christ of the Fisherman statue 

What was unique on the beach today? Sunshine!

A big difference in beach areas around the country is seashells. Seashells seem a little sparse here I think. Sometimes on different beaches you find different stretches that have more shells, more unique shells, more colorful shells, more jellyfish, etc. Lots of factors determine what washes up where.  Today there were a lot of small shells and small pieces of shells because of the rough water yesterday. Galveston, on the other hand, is wonderful for shell collecting. There you find many complete, unique, colorful and even rare shells.

One lonely jellyfish.

Saturday began with another bike ride. The wind was a little stronger than yesterday but at least we started out going against it and rode back with it. Two beach walks! I was upset that my fitbit had a meltdown Friday and did not record my bike ride or steps!

I wonder if the blimp found any illegal activity 

The ocean was calmer today. Instead of small shells and pieces it was dotted with jellyfish. 

Saw a couple Great Blue Herons.

Celebrated getting older at Mahi Nic's. I had blackened Mahi-Mahi tacos and Pat had shrimp tacos.

Where are the Piepers now? South Padre Island

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