Saturday, December 16, 2023

Treasures? found on the beach Friday.

I didn't get out as early as I had planned but I made it to the beach by 8:00 a.m. Friday. The sun was out and lots of couples walking (my other half was still in bed). 

I'm not sure it made it over 75° but it was  humid and hot. The humidity caused it to be a little hazy but the sun was out all day. Amazingly there was little wind. The last high tide brought in some interesting treasures included a whole coconut, a flip flop that had been in the ocean too long, and a giant sand castle.

Lots of work done today. Pat recharged the water softener.The water here is extremely hard. Too many pictures so I had to invest in more storage space which involved setting up a new email account (long story). When they were transferred they didn't all move over at once. Pat spent most of today painstakingly moving  them over 1500 at a time. Almost done! 

I cleaned my bike chain and sprockets. It was a mess from riding on the beach. Not as good a job as my oldest son Josh would have done, but I tried. After 3 hours I called it done and put dry lube on this time. Pat chose to ignore his. I sorted and bagged all of my seashells (there were a lot of them) so they're ready to return to the beach for shell art some day. I also completed (almost) the small Christmas felt wall hanging I've had for a couple of months.

We still had time for a late afternoon walk in the beach. After Pat mentioned it, I remembered the giant sandcastle I saw this morning just looked like a sandcastle, but was part of the Beach Park at Isla Blanca next door. Until 2020 it was a Schlitterbahn Water Park. A family owned 7 Schlitterbahns but sold them. They kept two of the water parks, which included this one, and renamed it. 

Almost high tide.

These, along with the top picture, looked beautiful but I found out they were. Portuguese man 'o war. An article seemed to think they are "rarely" lethal to humans but their sting carries quite a punch and can occur even after they are dead. Their tentacles, which can grow to over 30 feet, do the stinging. YIKES!! 

From the beach we found an old boardwalk that led to the Beach Park at Isla Blanca. Looked like it needed some care and repair.

Headed back to the ocean. 

Cameron County is presenting the above free at the ampitheater in our RV Park Sat.  Food, kid activities, Santa, and more. Supposedly "fireworks" drone style.

Just need a hanger and the backing.
Where are the Piepers now? South Padre Island, TX 

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