Saturday, September 30, 2023

I find hard cider a-peel-ing!

Autumn was arriving in Winton Woods Campground.

Thank you to our Harvest Host Ambrosia Orchard, Cidery and Meadery in Hoagland, IN for hosting us Friday night. We enjoyed meeting and visiting with the owner Blanca, and our bartender Nate. We wish him well in his pursuit of becoming a lawyer. They were so welcoming!

Pat's favorite, Cerasium, is in the middle. It is a cherry, semi-sweet cider. The glass on the right looks a little tipsy to me!

Winecrisp combines the winesap and honeycrisp apples.

Blanca sliced up a winecrisp and served it to us with some dip. Move over honey crisp, the wine crisp has taken over as my favorite apple!

Two other travelers, traveling together from Springfield, MO, joined us at the orchard.

Winton Woods Campground was located in Cincinnati but seemed remote. It was a beautiful and relaxing two nights. A nice path around the lake.

Noah's Ark Splash Pad

We had to leave, but Friday started their Creepy Camping weekend. They were well decorated.

What were they thinking???
Where are the Piepers now? Nappanee, IN

Friday, September 29, 2023

When it rains, it pours!

Pat ate the "radioactive" grape, lol!

Literally and figuratively! Once we entered Kentucky it rained off and on all day. My creative and crafting spells hit when they hit, and that's usually in the middle of the night. While I was sewing Weds. night, or rather 1 a.m. this morning (Thurs.), wind and heavy rain went through. Our roof vents have covers and rarely have rain blow in but they did at 1 a.m.

Now the 'figuratively' part. New RV tires, car battery, and now water coming in again,  only when we are driving. 10 minutes after the rain started Weds. the water sensor in the basement went off--ugh! Not the first time lately and Pat's working on it. He put a new seal on one double door and has more weatherstripping ordered. Not sure that's the issue though. He thinks maybe when they put the new basement floor in a year ago they didn't seal the seam well enough. Driving in the rain isn't something we do often and usually we go out of our way to stay clear of it. It certainly didn't flood the main bay but we still had to take everything out (fortunately most stuff is in tubs) Weds. and dry it out. He resealed the seam inside and will do the underside of the seam once the weather clears. Fingers crossed!

Also, only when driving, there's water coming in under our main slide. Assuming  that has to do with our Vroom slides installed in June changing how the slide sits compared to the rubber weatherstripping. He's working on that too. Always something!  


Wednesday's 🚗 Drive

Tuesday's 🚗 Drive

Ark Encounter is located in Williamstown, KY, not far from Cincinnati. We didn't stop and I didn't actually see it from the road, at least not that I know of. Pretty sure I saw the circle patio with the flowers though, so who knows? Only "The Shadow Knows!" If you are as old as me you may know where that saying comes from. 

This is a full-sized Noah's Ark. There are three decks filled with exhibits allowing you to experience what Noah's life may have been like. They have additional "experiences" such as speakers, concerts, etc., some of which cost extra.

It sounded like it would be interesting, but at $60 for just the Ark, not including the museum (the $100 ticket) or other extras, an hour stop wasn't cost effective. Actually for us it's pretty pricey anyways. 

(Not my picture)

Cincinnati from Kentucky.

Where are the Piepers now? Ambrosia Orchard, Hoagland, IN

Wednesday, September 27, 2023


Pat standing on the shoals below the spillway.

We visited Glendale Shoals Preserve and Waterfalls while we were in South Carolina. This was the most beautiful and peaceful stop, as well as being very historic.  It includes trails, a dam, a 1928 bridge, spillway, waterfall, ruins of an old textile mill and more.

The Iron works was located on one side of the 1928 bridge crossing Lawson's Fork Creek. Several skirmishes were fought here during the Revolutionary War.

In the 1800's James Bivings built a large cotton mill on the other side of the creek and pioneered the concept of a mill village. He had houses built for employees and a variety of businesses opened. Powered by a 26 foot water wheel it started production around 1835 and operated until 1961.

Couples, kids and families were relaxing and enjoying the area on Sunday.

Looking at the waterfall. In the background is the lone cotton mill tower that remains after a devaststing 2004 fire. 

When the water is low you can walk across the shoals. On the left a log was stuck on the bridge above the spillway.

There is a garden by the old mill that includes grape vines,

a butterfly garden,

and a Little Free Library. Story time is once a month at the ampitheater.

A labrynth added some peace to my life.

Don't be a Bob!

Where are the Piepers now? Cincinnati, OH