Monday, September 25, 2023

Gaffney is known as the "Peach Capital" of South Carolina.

Pat's enjoying his new hat. 
It's certainly been a conversation starter. And, no, we don't have a Big Ass Fan in the RV.

Plenty of time to check out the Gaffney, SC area! The RV checked out OK Friday but it's time for new tires, 6 big tires, $$$! Motor home tires don't wear out, as in the tread looks fine. They do age however, crack and such. Generally they need to be replaced every 5-7 chassis years. Our chassis was built in 2017.  Actually, ours have not started to crack but Pat noticed a wear problem in the center of one tire. The bigger problem is they don't know why that happened but they are guessing it's from the old shocks that we had replaced last year. We found a place with tires but they don't put them on, and Freightliner who doesn't sell tires but puts them on, worked us in today (Mon.). They are a great company and very accommodating. No wonder people, including us, drive from all over the country to come here each year.

With electricity provided by Freightliner, we have stayed in their lot since Thurs. Tonight the lot is almost full with 20+ RV's. It's not real hot, 80's, but humid. With a gathering of RV's it's usually a social event, but tonight everyone's inside with their air-conditioners running.

Breakfast out isn't something we often do but when they take our RV in at 7 a.m. we splurge.

And splurge I did! Pat gave me a hard time for getting a dessert crepe on top of my pancakes. Rightly so too, as my stomach was not happy afterwards. 

My nightly walk ended with a good view of Gaffney's water tower. This was the backside of the peach.

These "synchronized" geese were swimming across the pond and when they saw me they all turned in unison. 

With a weekend to kill we explored a little. The Furnace Place Historic Site near Gaffney was tricky to find. Google took us down a "closed" road. Reading the reviews a lot of people gave up at that point, but not Pat. He went around and found a way in from the other side. 

This site is a mystery. There was a plaque with the site name but I couldn't find any other information about it, unless I was willing to subscribe to a newspaper. The area was known for it's iron furnaces so that's a good guess. The water that ran the water wheel to power the furnace runs into a creek now, but used to be diverted to run back behind the wheel. 

This was the bridge behind the waterfall that was "out" according to the sign blocking the road on the other side. Google wanted us to go that way, however, and was pretty insistent that we cross the bridge from this side too to go back!

"Don't be a Bob!" In the Smokey Mountains we saw that sign everywhere proclaiming the fine Bob, and anyone else, faced for graffiti. This graffitti was added just the day before. 

Where are the Piepers now? Gaffney, SC

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