Sunday, September 10, 2023

Heading East!

Andrew Jackson's Hermitage was actually remodeled two times.

I'm not big on history but walking through Andrew Jackson's "Hermitage" on Thurs. was very interesting and I learned a lot. 

Following a fire in the large house, Rachel was in charge of the first remodeling but she died shortly after Jackson was elected as the 7th president and before they could move back in. Jackson completed the project as per her instructions. 

They had no children together but they opened their home to many of Rachel's relatives. They adopted one of Rachel's nephews in 1809, when her sister had twins and gave one to the Jackson's.  Following Jackson's death in 1845, Andrew Jackson Jr. lost the estate and eventually became tenants.

Andrew Jackson was referred to as the people's president. He preferred in later years to be called General from his success in the battlefield rather than President. As president he was both loved abd loathed due to his unconventional and controversial principles and visions.  

Andrew Jackson and his wife Rachel are buried in this spot. Rachel had not divorced her first husband before settling in with Andrew.

Slave that was also buried on the grounds. 

Many family members were also buried near Andrew and Rachel.

"Uncle Alfred's" cabin

Andrew Jackson's original cabin that was turned into slave quarters. He and Rachel lived here from 1804-1821. 

Triplex of 3 slave quarters.

Another nice Corps of Enginneers campground for Thurs. ($14) southeast of Nashville in Hermitage, TN.

Our first view of Nashville, Thursday.

Although we spent Weds. night in Paducah we paid a visit to Metropolis, IL.

Weds. we stayed in Paducah, KY about 5 mins. from Hancock's of Paducah, a mega fabric store.

Leaving Missouri Weds.
Where are the Piepers now? Great Smoky National Park]

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