Thursday, June 30, 2022

"Make new friends but keep the old; those are silver, these are gold." -- Joseph Parry

Mary and Pat

We checked off New Jersey Weds. night, but more importantly we were able to visit with an old (not in age 🙂) friend, Mary LeBlanc.  We did miss seeing Dave and Christopher. I can't believe it's been 15 years since we've seen her! Seems like yesterday. It was great to catch up and reminisce. Mary and her family moved to Hannibal in the early 1990's? where she was Pat's boss. I was lucky enough to take care of their son Nicholas when he was a baby.

Christopher Schlink (the cute bunny) went trick-or-treating with us maybe the first year they were in Hannibal. Back in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle days.

Whenever I search for a picture I can't find, I am reminded that we need to get back to organizing our old pictures! I had a work picture of Pat and Mary before she moved to Hannibal. I can picture it, I remember scanning it, but where is it?

Besides adding New Jersey to the map of states we've stayed in, we also added Maryland, Rhode Island and Delaware. One more to go out East, West Virginia, and we'll be there this fall.  West Virginia will also take care of our last National Park in the East, New River Gorge NP.

This is Pat country. He loves lots of trees.

Do you notice anything different about the Mario Cuoma cable-stayed bridge? We found it interesting that the towers slanted out. This replaced the old Tappan Zee bridge. It is a 3 mile long, twin span bridge, crossing the Hudson River. 

This is supposed to be a picture of the Rhode Island sign as we entered the state. My phone camera malfunctioned I guess. I finally had to exit camera mode to reset it.

We are in the middle of nowhere. Am I sure? Yep, the diner near here is called the The Middle of Nowhere Diner.

Where are the Piepers now?  West Greenwich, RI

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Red skies at night, sailors' delight

Our brief stay at Deleware Seashore State Park, South campground was enjoyable.  The temperatures were perfect.  Monday was the hotter of the two days but I'm not sure if it even made it into the 80's. Tuesday saw a high of around 73° with a wonderful breeze. It felt like the spring we didn't have.  

Pat said a friend of his would think we should stop at the Wawa for a Black Cherry Wisniak and a Tastykake.

We are staying at Deleware Seashore State Park South campground.

Delaware Seashore State Park North campground can be seen just across the inlet.

Monday's beach information

Barnacles and other organisms attach themselves to the shell of horseshoe crabs at no harm to their hosts.

Restaurants are available by Big Chill Beach.

A cable-stayed bridge connects both sides of the inlet.

The State Park had a very nice playground.

Monday night we had a good rain.

On Tuesday we saw several turtles out.  This one crossed the street at the crosswalk.

From the cable-stayed bridge the inlet from the ocean to the bay.

We took a ramp leading up to the walk/bikeway on the bridge.  We had quite a show put on by at least 6 dolphins.

From the top of the bridge looking towards Big Chill Beach.

To the left... 

...and the right.  We walked a short ways on the crowded beach.

Where are the Piepers now? Delaware Seashore State Park, South Campground.

Monday, June 27, 2022

Thank you to Harriet Tubman for fighting for what is right!

Did "quilt codes" help Harriet Tubman guide those using The Underground Railroad? According to the Visitor's Center "Myths and Facts," this is a myth. Tubman did not use the "quilt code," a means of directing those fleeing using pictures on quilt blocks, because the code itself is a myth.  

Sunday we visited both the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National and State Park Visitor's Center, managed through a partnership of both. The Visitor Center is beautiful. It's new and full of state-of-the-art green elements, such as rain barrels and vegetative roofs.  

Harriet (originally Araminta or "Minty") Ross Tubman was born enslaved in a town called Buckman in Dorchester County, MD in 1822, near the site of these parks. Torn from her family at the age of 6, she endured years of torturous, inhumane treatment as a slave. She herself escaped slavery in 1849 traveling to Philadelphia using her faith, the north star, and The Underground Railroad. Despite the great danger to herself, she then led at least 13 missions to free 70 family members and friends, becoming one of the most successful "conductors" on The Underground Railroad. 

Harriet also served as a spy and nurse during the Civil War. Her passion for equality led her to challenge women's and African American inequalities through suffrage and civil rights activism.

Harriet rose above her oppressive beginnings.  With a thirst for freedom, a deep spiritual faith she says was tested, and a life-long humanitarian passion for family and community, she become one of America's most famous historic figures. She died in 1913.

Following an introductory film there was a self-guided tour through the visitor's hall.  This is one of the more than 30 stops located on the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway.  

Did you know Harriet was married twice? While still a slave she was married to a free black man whom she had to leave, and who later married someone else. Later she married again. Harriet and Nelson Davis adopted one child "Gertie," who died of tuberculosis.

A beautiful mural that filled an entire wall.

As usual it made me cry, which I guess is a good thing. A lot of printed information, which worked for adults, but there were a lot of younger children at the center too. I wish they had more displays and especially interactive displays for them. 

I have a problem completing projects in the motor home, partly because we are busy, move around frequently, and have limited space. Below is one of two cross-stitched Christmas stockings I mostly looked at for two years. While I was overwhelmed and thought it would take years, I started working on it in earnest in March and am proud to say I have the bottom half completed, less the backstitching

Where are the Piepers now?  Delaware Seashore State Park

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Love Harvest Hosts!

From Layton's Chance Vineyard and Winery. Really, could you go wrong with brownies made with wine? I think it's a win-win!

Thank you to our welcoming Harvest Hosts this weekend: Adventures Await Retreat (Houston, DE), Layton's Choice Vineyard and Winery (Vienna, MD), and Crow Vineyard and Winery (Kennedyville, MD).  

We are moving around daily because we couldn't get into it our next destination on the weekend. We have had 3 Harvest Host stays in DE and MD as we stay close to the upcoming destination. Makes for short driving days. Our reservations were made months in advance but weekends and highly sought after parks often fill up as soon as reservations open. Fortunately we have time.

Friday night we were in Houston, DE. We found Adventure Awaits at the Harvest Hosts site. It is a working farm that also has a rehular campground. With Harvest Hosts we could stay for free in their parking lot, or upgrade for a shady spot with utilities.  We upgraded.

Love the Pot Bellied Pigs.  Had several conversations with them!

Saturday our Harvest Hosts location was Layton's Chance Vineyard and Winery, Vienna, MD. They were super hosts and made us feel right at home.

Every wine we had was great! We chose 
Freedom, an off-dry red wine (inspired by Harriet Tubman) and Farm Red to take with us. We had not seen a wine labeled "off-dry" before.

Loki is one of the winery dogs and official greeter. He liked our shade. Loki had been running around so I asked if he wanted a drink? I took his bark as affirmative.

We spent Sunday night at Harvest Host, Crow Vineyard and Winery, Kennedyville, MD. Roy, Judy's huband, greeted us and helped us park. Sam took excellent care of us during our wine tasting. We also had a charcuterie tray for lunch for the second day in a row. I could get use to those lunches!  I so wished I could have dairy. I don't often miss ice cream but they had something like a Raspberry with chocolate and one of their wines. I would have loved it! They also had meat and cheeses for sale. I may go back for a sandwich for supper!

Hanging in their tasting room.

2019 Cabernet Franc and a 2016 Barbera.  Once again, all wines were great, making it hard to choose.

We are sitting on the other side in the shade watching the grapes grow.

Chardonnay grapes

Chicken salad with a grain salad side for supper. I believe Pat had a BBQ brisket sandwich. Something we don't get often, or maybe never right now, steak!  Can you call steak "home-grown?"

We appreciate and enjoy each Harvest Host.  They seem to always have the nicest owners and staff! We have also met some great people who are staying with Harvest Hosts.

Where are the Piepers now? Kennedyville, MD