Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Red skies at night, sailors' delight

Our brief stay at Deleware Seashore State Park, South campground was enjoyable.  The temperatures were perfect.  Monday was the hotter of the two days but I'm not sure if it even made it into the 80's. Tuesday saw a high of around 73° with a wonderful breeze. It felt like the spring we didn't have.  

Pat said a friend of his would think we should stop at the Wawa for a Black Cherry Wisniak and a Tastykake.

We are staying at Deleware Seashore State Park South campground.

Delaware Seashore State Park North campground can be seen just across the inlet.

Monday's beach information

Barnacles and other organisms attach themselves to the shell of horseshoe crabs at no harm to their hosts.

Restaurants are available by Big Chill Beach.

A cable-stayed bridge connects both sides of the inlet.

The State Park had a very nice playground.

Monday night we had a good rain.

On Tuesday we saw several turtles out.  This one crossed the street at the crosswalk.

From the cable-stayed bridge the inlet from the ocean to the bay.

We took a ramp leading up to the walk/bikeway on the bridge.  We had quite a show put on by at least 6 dolphins.

From the top of the bridge looking towards Big Chill Beach.

To the left... 

...and the right.  We walked a short ways on the crowded beach.

Where are the Piepers now? Delaware Seashore State Park, South Campground.

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