Sunday, June 12, 2022

"Can't you see the sunshine? Can't you just feel the moonshine?"

What song contains the above lyrics, and who wrote and sang the song? Friday was a travel day as we continued to head north. We are staying at Topsail Sound RV Park in Holly Ridge, NC this week.   

Pat's in charge of finding places for us to stay and I'm supposed to be in charge of finding things to do (Pat would be happy doing nothing), at least that's what Pat told me yesterday.  

We planned this part of our trip a little late and didn't have much to choose from RV park wise, so we aren't staying on the ocean. This led to major disappointment for me Friday,  although I  do vaguely remember Pat saying nothing was open with beach access in this area and I said, "then move inland." So we are paying big bucks, staying in a park that mostly has long-term residents, and no ocean access.  Although we have to drive, we are only a few minutes away from Topsail Beach, so I'll  have to get over it. We were at Topsail Beach two years ago.  I love the beaches in the Carolinas.  
We traveled an hour Saturday to a Blueberry Festival at Gregory Farms and Vineyard in Currie, NC. 

I guess I can't be trusted with powdered sugar donuts either!😕 They weren't glazed and they weren't exactly cake, but tasted more like a funel cake.  There were 2 dozen  doughnuts and Pat may have eaten six.  They were all gone before we left. 

The donuts paired well with all four wines we tried.

Probably should have, but we didn't pick our own blueberries. 

We both agreed Double Barrel was our favorite.  I really liked Red, White, and Blueberry too.  It was a little too sweet for Pat and since he's the one who drinks it...

A few miles away from Gregory Farms was Moores Creek National Battlefield.  This was the first decisive victory for the Patriots in the American Revolution in 1776.  Shortly after North Carolina became the first state to declare independence from the British.

Tree 'knees' found on trees in swamps.

Behind us is the bridge, partially dismantled by the Patriots, that the 1600 Loyalists crossed as they headed towards the sea to get supplies and reinforcements.  The Loyalists, mostly Scottish Highlanders, were only armed with broadswords and were not expecting to encounter many Patriots.

In front of us was the road the Loyalists traveled on.

The 1,000 Patriots, armed with cannons and muskets, had prepared an inner and outer hill to hide behind while waiting for the Loyalists. The Loyalists surrendered or retreated, with 30-70 being killed along with their leader, Ltd. Colonel Donald McCleod. 0nly one Patriot life was lost.

Maryland Meadow Beauty found in the East

We took a walk on Topsail Beach Sat. afternoon, one of my favorites, and the closest beach to our RV Park.

Before we left South Carolina I wanted to follow the Storywalk and read the entire story of the Penguin with the hiccups. I was disappointed and yet happy that they had taken down the Penguin story and replaced it with a new story.  

We also took a short drive to the town of Folly Beach, lined with souvenir shops and restaurants.  First we took a peek at the beach with its expensive houses.  Of course everything out here is expensive.

I enjoyed the "Planet Follywood" mural.

Lunch at the Crab Shack.

Look Sally, Hushpoopies!  

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Where are the Piepers now?  Holly Ridge, NC
Thank you for traveling with us.  Ann and Pat