Friday, June 3, 2022

Where did Reggae music originate?

Thank you Summer Crush Vinyard and Winery for allowing us to stay Weds. night!  They are set up with several spacious camping spots. As with most Harvest Hosts, there are no hook-ups for water, power, or sewer. We enjoyed our wine tasting and are enjoyed the comfortable temperatures.  At 77°, cloudy skies, and a nice breeze we  opened up and listened to the singing birds.  A welcomed relief from our past two humid weeks. One other RV was here.  They  ran their generator and closed up with the a/c running.  Their loss!🐦  We had some rain, including a major downpour while driving today.

Thursday night I felt like a kid in a candy store!  We spent the night at a Cracker Barrel in a shopping area in Jacksonville, FL. We could walk to everything and it had everything we could want, including a movie theater where we saw Top Gun Maverick. I went to Duluth Trading, Michael's, Lowes, Walmart and there were more stores and lots of restaurants. Oh, and lots of mosquitos!

Seminole Hard Rock Cafe and Casino, Hollywood, FL

Looks like we made it out of Florida just in time--they are getting some bad weather.  We may feel the affects, mostly wind, Sunday morning. 

Friday has found us at James Island County Park just outside of Charleston, SC. The downpour we drove through on Weds.?  Well it found it's way into our basement.  Fortunately we have most things in plastic tubs, but they still had to be dried out.  After we got here today Pat took everything out and dried it. Then he put it all back. What a guy!

Look who greeted us.

Tonight happens to be the first monthly Reggae concert for the summer at our park.  A fun way to spend our first night.  Did you know Reggae music originated in Jamaica?

What do YOU think this looks like?

Where are the Pieper's now?  Charleston, SC


  1. I was surprised to hear a Steve Miller montages. Maybe it was the Midnight Toker part they liked!

  2. It sort of looks like a big flashlight.