Sunday, June 5, 2022

You are never too old to play outdoors!

When I think of great public campgrounds, as opposed to private RV resorts, I first think of National Parks, many State Parks, and quite a few private RV parks/campgrounds.  Occasionally we've found some nice city and county parks too.

James Island County Park and Campgrounds, run by Charleston County, is one of the best overall!  It is a very large park.  The only thing that would make it better would be to have grandkids with us.  So much to do here. Our neighbors, Dwayne and Nicole from near Charlotte (I think), are just starting to travel.  We hope they'll be full-time travelers when jobs permit!  There's a lot out there to see.

The following pictures were over the past 3 days.  Saturday we rode our bikes 6 miles around 5 miles of paved paths.  They went through forested areas, around a pond  and passed all of the other activities.  The funny thing is we didn't realize until we were walking Sunday that the campground is a central point, and all of the activities branch off from it in different directions.  

A large splash pad for kids.

Several kids appeared to be having birthday parties Saturday at the splash pad area.

Next to the splash pad were 2 playgrounds, the younger one above and the one below for older kids. 

Along the paths around the playgrounds and splash pad is a cute Storywalk entitled, Little Penguin Gets the Hiccups. 18 placards tell the story and are provided by the Charleston County Library. I enjoyed watching a young couple walking the path and reading the story to their daughter. 

A repeat picture at The Meadows.  This was the site of the Reggae Festival, one of many festivities the county hosts. 

I didn't mention all of the booths at the Reggae Festival. They sold crafts, drinks (including beer and wine), and lots of food.

Across from The Meadows is a large dog park.  We stopped and watched lots of dogs enjoying the huge yard.  They seemed to really enjoy the access to the lake.

Canoes, kayaks, paddleboats, and bikes for rent.

Survival is the reason I'm dressed for cooler weather in 80° temperatures.  Pat: no bug spray, 1 mosquito bite.  Ann: bug spray with high deet content, stopped counting at 18 mosquito bites.

As well as the nice splash pad, in another location is Splash Zone.  A waterpark complete with water slides, a water tube, lazy river, leisure pool, and a kids activity pool.

Looking off the bridge by Splash Zone we saw an alligator on one side and turtles on the other side.

You can't tell here but this Great Heron was really big.

A paddleboarding class.

This area had a Frisbee golf course, rock climbing, and a rope course used by groups for team building.

Well, it is on my bucket list, but it looks kind of scary!

A separate primitive and group camping area.

The sites are spacious with lots of trees.

The owl above greets all who enter the campground.

Where are the Piepers Now?  Charleston, SC

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