Sunday, June 26, 2022

Love Harvest Hosts!

From Layton's Chance Vineyard and Winery. Really, could you go wrong with brownies made with wine? I think it's a win-win!

Thank you to our welcoming Harvest Hosts this weekend: Adventures Await Retreat (Houston, DE), Layton's Choice Vineyard and Winery (Vienna, MD), and Crow Vineyard and Winery (Kennedyville, MD).  

We are moving around daily because we couldn't get into it our next destination on the weekend. We have had 3 Harvest Host stays in DE and MD as we stay close to the upcoming destination. Makes for short driving days. Our reservations were made months in advance but weekends and highly sought after parks often fill up as soon as reservations open. Fortunately we have time.

Friday night we were in Houston, DE. We found Adventure Awaits at the Harvest Hosts site. It is a working farm that also has a rehular campground. With Harvest Hosts we could stay for free in their parking lot, or upgrade for a shady spot with utilities.  We upgraded.

Love the Pot Bellied Pigs.  Had several conversations with them!

Saturday our Harvest Hosts location was Layton's Chance Vineyard and Winery, Vienna, MD. They were super hosts and made us feel right at home.

Every wine we had was great! We chose 
Freedom, an off-dry red wine (inspired by Harriet Tubman) and Farm Red to take with us. We had not seen a wine labeled "off-dry" before.

Loki is one of the winery dogs and official greeter. He liked our shade. Loki had been running around so I asked if he wanted a drink? I took his bark as affirmative.

We spent Sunday night at Harvest Host, Crow Vineyard and Winery, Kennedyville, MD. Roy, Judy's huband, greeted us and helped us park. Sam took excellent care of us during our wine tasting. We also had a charcuterie tray for lunch for the second day in a row. I could get use to those lunches!  I so wished I could have dairy. I don't often miss ice cream but they had something like a Raspberry with chocolate and one of their wines. I would have loved it! They also had meat and cheeses for sale. I may go back for a sandwich for supper!

Hanging in their tasting room.

2019 Cabernet Franc and a 2016 Barbera.  Once again, all wines were great, making it hard to choose.

We are sitting on the other side in the shade watching the grapes grow.

Chardonnay grapes

Chicken salad with a grain salad side for supper. I believe Pat had a BBQ brisket sandwich. Something we don't get often, or maybe never right now, steak!  Can you call steak "home-grown?"

We appreciate and enjoy each Harvest Host.  They seem to always have the nicest owners and staff! We have also met some great people who are staying with Harvest Hosts.

Where are the Piepers now? Kennedyville, MD

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