Thursday, February 27, 2020

In the beginning...

It started in March of 2019 when we flew to Texas and purchased our 2019 Thor Palazzo.  Our first trip was a short, although memorable, trip from Kansas City to Keosauqua, Iowa.  Our second trip was from Kansas City to Houston to return grandchildren.  From there we were wanderers!
  After visiting Hot Springs AR we did return to Kansas City, but left shortly for Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Main and then Massachusetts for a fall color tour. 

Acadia Carriage Road
Maine Lighthouse
We stopped in Boston for a grandchild birthday, and at the end of Oct. headed towards Galveston, TX through Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, and Louisiana.  Our first winter, Nov.-Jan., was spent in Galveston.  We spent February in Louisiana, about an hour North of New Orleans.  That encompasses a lot of wonderful camping, great sites and, of course, lots learned!!  A blog was in our thoughts but during this time it was all logged on face book.  Hopefully I'll be able to backtrack a little as we proceed and share more of this trip.  We will include a section on how we selected our motor home,  set up a  budget--and adjusted it, what we've learned about the RV and improvements we've made, towing a vehicle, traveling with a dog, adjusting to going from 3,000 square feet to 300 (and both surviving), and lots more!  Please follow our blog and enjoy our travels and pick up some tips.
Jamaica Beach, Galveston, TX
Mardi Gras Float, Covington LA

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