Sunday, March 1, 2020

First Stop: Meridian, MS

We began our journey North today.  We went about 200 miles which is about our ideal distance,  otherwise, someone in our vehicle (Pat refers to her as "devil dog" at that time) gets a little nuts.  We are scheduled for warranty work (our warranty runs out middle of March) at Thor Service in Wakarusa, IN March 9th.
  It was a beautiful, sunny, and warm day in both Ponchatula, LA and Mississippi.  Of course, the warm weather will continue in Louisiana.  Wakarusa is projected to at least be above freezing when we get there and that is warmer there than it has been.

Meridian is the 6th largest city in Mississippi with a population around 38,000.  We are "camped" at a Walmart for the night.  It's always nice to feel welcomed.  We also get to do any shopping and usually, as here, there are other stores too such as a Lowe's and Office Depot.  Also within walking distance was dinner, Maria's Restaurant a rather large Mexican restaurant.  Good food and quick.

We did unhook the car and visit Bonita Lakes, a group of 3 lakes close to us.  Since it was a beautiful Sunday there were lots of people there.  Krikkit was excited to get out at the first lake and began exploring.  There was a nice path around the lake, but no dogs allowed.  As we headed back to the car to check out the next lake, Krikkit stuck her head between 2 boards on a wooden fence (the grass is always greener, or at least smells better on the other side) and got her head stuck, or so she thought.  It was obvious, to us anyway, that the opening got narrower as it went up. Talk about a panicked dog!  Pat calmed her enough to pull her head back towards the bottom and got it out.  She was quite relieved.  We continued to lake #2 which was bigger and had trails, bike paths, and lots of sniffing opportunities for Krikkit.  It was a fun place to stretch after riding.

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