Saturday, March 7, 2020

According to the Beach Boys there's a place called Kokomo....

The Beach Boys weren't referring to this Kokomo though.  We traveled around 230 miles from Cave City, KY to Kokomo, IN just north of Indianapolis.  Our first time to stay in a Lowe's parking lot.  Thank you Lowe's!  It got down to 26𝇈 last night and was pretty chilly this morning but SUNNY.  Since the water was off at the campground due to the subfreezing temperatures, and we didn't want to use our water or fill our waste tanks since we probably won't be able to fill with water for a while, we went up to the campground shower house.  It was super nice and we weren't the only ones taking advantage of it.

Not sure if it was the sun/solar or the alternator but we have a full charge on the batteries.  Since we've gone from the lead acid to the lithium batteries we get more charge, more quickly.  We won't want to run the high powered items like the microwave or induction cook-top, and I try to use energy wisely, but we have plenty for tonight and maybe another couple of days even without a charge.  We don't really know yet and besides, most generally we would get some charge each day.

Tomorrow we will head to Wakarusa, IN to get our warranty work done.  Thor service center has a place to plug in and a place to dump.  They also have water at each spot but not sure they will have it turned on yet since there is still potential for freezing weather.  Not sure how long we will have to stay so we may have to look elsewhere to fill up with water.  

Olive Garden was next to Lowe's so that was dinner.  We shared the Zoodles (zucchini noodles) Primavera with Chicken.  I added a chocolate mouse dulcini and the waitress brought Pat one.  Lucky for me since Pat didn't want it. Yum!!  On a bad note, since we are in a small space, Krikkit has the tooters tonight!
Pat and Ann at Coops in New Orleans

Hope you are planning an adventure!!

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