Saturday, March 28, 2020

April showers...

should be bringing lots of May flowers, based on the quantity of rain we've been having. Its 7 p.m. and the sun has finally popped out.  Pat worked on the blog page today, trying to make it more readable by phone.  You can only do so much for a small device, but I think he definitely improved it.  Anyone notice any differences?

We spent most of the morning, before it rained, staging our Covid-19 porch picture.  This was as close as we could come to a "porch."

For dinner we made pizza with a yeastless pizza crust (I had no yeast).  It said to make it 1" thick and I made it thinner.  It tasted fine, but I should have gone even thinner.  At lunch I ate the last of the potato chips, so we"ll see how long I'll make it before I think I need a store run.  Our last trip to any store was on March 19th, and we should be good for another 2 or 3 weeks as it looks now.

Today I'll show you our "living room."  The couch slides out into a bed.  Not sure it's quite full size, but 2 adults could fit there.

Above the couch we have 2 large double door cabinets that we store small kitchen appliances, paper products, baking pans, and food that is too big for the pantry.  Pat added a shelf in each so things weren't stacked quite so high.  I have a toaster, 1crock pot { a larger one is stored under the bed), a waffle maker, egg cooker, and ???.

In the corner, above the couch and next to the bathroom, is a large corner cabinet.  On the lower shelf we have the DVD player, the fire tv stick and the cable amplifier. The top shelf has games and jig saw puzzles. Both shelves handle bulky items, which right now includes extra paper towels and TP.  Normally under the cabinet is the Tablo DVR, which is currently down and awaiting repair.  On the front, outside panel of the corner cabinet is our digital Pix-star picture frame. We have it set to come on at 9 a.m. and shuts down at 8 p.m.  We can download pictures to it and others can send pictures to it.  Our lifeline to our family!

On the wall by the bathroom is our National Park scratch-off map, given to us by the "Texas Crew." We have 5 of the 62 parks scratched off.  We have been to many over the past, but we started over with our RV travels. The main Firefly control panel for our coach is also there.  From it we can turn lights on and off, put slides in and out, control temperature, turn the water pump on and off, monitor tanks and the inverter, control the generator, retract or extend the awning and probably more.  The temperature sensor for the front of the coach is above the couch in-between the 2 reading lights.  Using a command adhesive strap, Krikkit's leash is secured to the wall between the couch and door.

We're looking forward to a couple of drier days ahead and maybe a little sun.   A little sunshine makes everything look a little brighter.  Here's wishing you some sunshine!


  1. It was quite readable on my Android phone.

    Speaking of maps how about using Google Maps to make one you could put on your blog and share?

    1. We would love to put a google map on the blog page, do you know how?