Thursday, March 12, 2020

Preparing to leave..

Our time at Thor is coming to a close.  A lot got fixed, but not everything. There's still tomorrow (Friday).  We will send a new list into Thor so everything, some of which we may forego, is reported under warranty which runs out on Monday.  If we want anything else done we have to make another appt. and come back.

Today was a work day for us. Ran lots of errands, filled the propane tank for the grill, took Krikkit in for a bath (usually we do that ourselves outside, but not at these temperatures), and did shopping.  Not panic shopping, but we did get lots of non-refrigerated items.  We use Sterilite gasket boxes for storing most of our "stuff" in our basement  They come in a variety of sizes. They are suppose to keep water and everything else out.  So far, so good. Either to stay well, or in the case we do not, we are prepared to stay away from everyone for an extended time period.

20 quart Sterilite gasket boxes

Clean, but unimpressed dog

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