Wednesday, March 25, 2020

We hunkered down today!

It was cooler this morning but up to 70 by late afternoon.  We used our hard-boiled eggs and made deviled eggs for lunch, a departure from our usual lunch meat!  We stayed and walked around the campground today.  We did take a walk up the country road by us.  My french-kissing dog from the other day was busy with his family, lol!  As we headed up the hill, Pat commented someone was on the roof of a house weed-eatering.  We couldn't see the back side of the house from the front so it looked a little strange.  As we walked past, the person was indeed up on his earth-sheltered house trimming.

Earth-berm house
Pictures of our hallway today.  As  you leave the kitchen, on the right, you find the refrigerator, pantry and washer/dryer.  On the other side of the hallway the bathroom is opposite of the refrigerator and then there are two shallow closets.

We have a commercial refrigerator.  It is an entry-level refrigerator but good size, and it does have an ice maker.  We use bins and the spring bars to keep items in place during transit.  It also has a lock to keep both doors shut while we are traveling.  Just past it are the upper and lower slide-out pantries.  Originally I thought I wanted this same coach but with bunk beds, which made other areas in the coach smaller and eliminated the pantries.  Glad I chose the pantries!  They hold so much and are indispensable.  Just past the pantries are the small stackable washer and dryer.  Pat thought I would want them and I thought he was crazy.  They hold small loads but are so helpful.  I do 2 or 3 loads 2 or 3 times a week. On the outside we have a command adhesive clip that we hang our dish-drying towel.

Lock on refrigerator door to keep if from flying open when traveling

Top slide-out pantry

The two closets on the other side are 3 1/2" deep.  The first one had one upper shelf and then it had 2 coat hooks below the upper shelf.  We re-purposed it. Pat made 2 additional shelves and we added spice holders.  I need to do a little re-arranging on the spice clips.  I started with small, twist top spice containers.  First most stores don't carry those, and second they don't seal well and moisture gets in the spices.  The floor of this, with a spring bar part way up, makes the perfect place to store foil, baggies, wine bottles, etc.  The second closet is where we store cleaning and laundry supplies and some other misc. items.  The shelves don't have a very tall lip so we use the spring bars to keep the items from falling forward and opening the doors while we are driving.  I like these two cabinets because I can actually secure the two handles together to make it harder for young grandchildren to get into, if needed.  On the outside of the second closet is Pat's coat and hat hook.  Again it is a command adhesive hook.

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