Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Krider's World's Fair Garden

More of the same Tues. and Weds.  Up at 6, coach taken at 7, and returned to us at 3.  Our tech, Todd, has accomplished a lot.  Of course, along with steps forward, sometimes come steps backwards.  Tonight we are without water!  No worries, a Dollar General in Wakarusa had water to get us through the night.  I have faith that Todd will correct that tomorrow!I

Yesterday our lunch was at Main Street Roasters in Nappanee.  We went there last fall and I must say, the large chicken flat bread I had yesterday was delicious. She said it was one of customers favorites. She gave me the large piece of chocolate cake with chocolate icing that I ordered before my meal arrived, so of course, I ate part of it and saved the rest for dinner last night.  Pat had the Caesar chicken salad which was also big.  Wednesday was devoted to showers at Loves--we felt better.  Otherwise, our day was devoted to shopping and laundry.

Today we headed to Middlebury in the fog and started the day at Das Dutchman Essenhaus, known for it's pies and Indiana's largest restaurant.  It has Amish style cooking and you can order it served family style or by the menu.  We went with the menu option and it was good.  They have a bakery with morning treats, breads, donuts and rolls of every kind.  I thought I should be polite so I chose a pecan roll to go with my breakfast.  Once again it was yummy and HUGE.  I had to bring half home.  As we were eating, Pat said it sure looked familiar.  Indeed, we stopped there maybe 5 years ago when we went to tour the Thor factory on our way home from a camping trip out East. They have a conference center with lodging, mini golf, etc., and the Essenhaus Village Shops, which included the Quilt Shop I popped into.  Pat and Krikkit went for a walk.  Pat's choice over shopping.

The Firefly control system for our RV is made in Middlebury.  We had a couple of questions that we hadn't gotten answers to so we stopped by.  The receptionist seemed a little surprised to actually see someone there, but I think it may have produced some results.

Jayco's headquarters are located in Middlebury.  They are the makers of travel trailers and coaches. Middlebury has a nice limestone nature trail, Pumpkinvine, that connects to other trails and looks great for biking. This is a rail trail from the abandoned Pumpkin and Vine Railroad. Pat can tell you on one of his Tuesday Tips and Tragedies why we didn't ride our bikes there, not counting the cold weather, because it was very cold today.

We went to see the Krider "World's Fair"  Garden in Middlebury.  Krider nursery was founded by Vernon Krider in 1896 and was one of Middlebury's largest industries for years, ceasing to operate in 1990.  Krider wanted to be a doctor but his parents couldn't afford to send him to school. His father gave him a couple of acres of land where he began growing and selling raspberry plants. By the way, he and his wife had 9 children, 8 of which appeared to be girls!  Anyway, Krider nurseries participated in the 1934  Centuries of Progress World's Fair in Chicago with an exhibit.  This started his mail order business and the rest is history.  The Krider family donated the World's Fair Exhibit to Middlebury around 1995 and it was placed across from where the nursery had been.  Some of it is original such as the Toadstools, Dutch Windmill, as well as others, and some pieces reconstructed. Lacking all the flowers that fill it in the summer, it was still beautiful.  I would love to see the Quilt Garden.  Each year the garden is planted with different flowers in a quilt design.  More information about Krider's Graden's history and more pictures can be found at

I was happy, and surprised, to find these two plants growing throughout the garden!
Then we proceeded to check out the town of Shipshewana while we waited for the Fruit Hill Winery to open.  Shipshewana is known for being home to the third largest Amish community in the U.S.  I stopped at a small indoor mall to visit The Cotton Corner which featured Bernina Sewing Machines.  Found out how to replace the cutter on my sewing machine which is needed.  More importantly, I found the Yoder Department Store in that mall.  Nearly half of the store was material, including designs by Riley Blake and Robert Kaufman, two of my favorite quilt material designers.  I honestly could have spent all day there, and probably kept Pat and Krikkit sitting in the car waaaay too long.    We were looking forward to some wine tasting but it wasn't meant to be.  Winter hours hadn't been listed on the internet and it wasn't open at all today. 

We're all tired and would rather just stay "home" tomorrow, but once again up at 6 to be ready to leave by 7.  Krikkit is eating grass tonight--not a good sign!

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