Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Settling in

It started out rainy, 10th day in a row for rain here.  They were heading toward a record of the most days of rain in a row.  Severe weather predicted for tomorrow so they still have a chance.  By afternoon it was in the 60's and we had a few hours of sun.  Pat moved to shorts and at 9 p.m. we still have the windows open.  Love hearing the bugs and birds, as well as the fresh air.

We did have to pick up a couple more things at the store this morning.  Arkansas went from 22 cases of Conid-19 yesterday to 33 today. As of yesterday there were no cases reported in our county.  We decided now was the time, not 2 weeks later when the count will probably be up. We found the few items we needed.  Well, except Pat, he was hoping for some spiced rum but realized we are in a dry county!  He did pick this spot.  I think we are prepared for several weeks.

We mostly just enjoyed the day.  When the sun came out we cleaned out the main storage compartment in the basement.  It was raining (and some snow) on our trip from Indiana and it had leaked.  Hopefully Thor can correct that on our next visit.  We actually combined and eliminated 3 tubs.  Not sure why though, as Pat kept the empty containers. Here's hoping you have nice weather tomorrow.

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