Friday, March 20, 2020

Tornadoes, entertainment and ANTS!

Thursday night Arkansas had some severe storms. Some RV parks have storm shelters in place, and others just let you fend for yourselves.  The tornado sirens went off two times last night.  I'm not sure about others, but I'd rather be anywhere besides an RV if there would be a tornado!  At this park we had access to the laundry room, which had some windows, but several of us appeared to think it was still better than an RV.  Several people arrived with

their dogs and some went inside, while others stayed out on the deck until the tornado warnings expired.  "Social distancing" was followed as much as possible.  Everyone kind of picked there own spot.  Fortunately there were no tornadoes here, but better safe than sorry.  Krikkit does not like storms, thunder and definitely not tornado warning sirens.  She plants her feet and won't budge.  We weren't far from the laundry room so Pat kindly carried our 35 pound, awkwardly built (long body) dog to and from.

Between the rain and social distancing we've been playing a lot of Gin Rummy to keep me entertained.  According to social media Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson have been playing that too so we're in good company.  We don't keep a running score but overall I think we are pretty even.  A couple of nights ago we had to open a new deck of cards.  Over our first year we wore out a deck and "someone" had gotten a little bit of chocolate on the cards.  We've also been taking walks with and without Krikkit to get some exercise in.  We are just outside of Russellville, AR so today we walked up a country road.  I really enjoy dogs, but today we came across a very peppy and social lab.  If I hadn't had my mouth closed I would have had a french kiss.  I went back and rinsed with mouth wash.  Pat is happy to just "be" but I need something to do.   While I really enjoy my alone time, I also like a little human interaction. 

I HATE ants!!  I don't know if it's the warm weather, the rain, or both but they were marching in under the screen door yesterday--yuck.  We placed ant traps inside each corner and today's challenge was getting Krikkit in and out of the RV while keeping her attention away from the traps.  

Anyone that knows me knows I do not like to cook.  To do my part while we are isolated I made enchiladas one night this week and chili.  Both took care of 4 days.  Tonight we did a combined effort and made oatmeal/chocolate chip cookies.  I froze half for later.

To add a little enjoyment to our evening we did a wine tasting tour with the 2 of us. Pat humored me. Four different stations with wine and a snack at each.  Krikkit got a little treat at each one too.  


  1. Perhaps it would be better to try Southwest in the spring, and Midwest in the fall so you miss Midwest tornado season.

  2. Unfortunately warranty work took us north at the wrong time, and family obligations(we're from the midwest) brought us this way this spring. Hopefully next year....

  3. Ohhhh how I love your creativity! Cooking is really not so bad. It all looks delicious. Mostly the wine tasting LOL!!!

    1. Pretty sure not liking to cook is tied into my being a picky eater!