Sunday, March 22, 2020

Bathroom storage...

This will be our 7th night at Ivy's Cove RV Retreat in Russellville, AR.  Originally, this was to be a transitional spot for a few weeks until the weather warmed up in Missouri and Iowa, our next destinations.  Now, well, like every one else we aren't sure what things hold.  At any rate, we both appear healthy right now as we stay to ourselves here at the park. Other people are doing the same. We haven't been out for groceries since last Thurs. and don't have a need to for several weeks. We haven't even touched the canned goods we have stored in the basement. We had another cold day with a high of 47, which is also the low for tonight.  With that being the low, better days ahead???  The sun didn't come out but it hasn't rained since this morning either.

I am excited because we are in the process of getting business cards.  Why do we need those you ask?  Well, it will have our blog on it, but that isn't the main purpose.  When we were staying near Robert, LA we were out for a walk and met a couple that we had a lot in common with (back when we could socialize). They retired, weren't old enough for Medicare and shared our traveling philosphy.  I told her that I was terrible with names and would probably have to ask names again, and maybe more than once.  She said, "wait a minute," and pulled out and handed me a business card. It had their name, picture, RV picture, email, etc. on it.  That way you can put a picture with the name, as well as a way to stay in contact.  They had met others who had done the same.  I can actually remember their names!

One of the reasons we chose our Thor Palazzo was because of the abundant storage, both in the coach and in the basement.  Although we have plenty of storage, we still have looked for ways to customize, just as we would a house, for our particular needs.  Today I thought I would tell a little bit about what our bathroom is like, and what we have done to make it work even better for us.  We have a very spacious medicine/toiletry cabinet.  It's deeper than what we've ever had in a house.  It houses our toiletries, medicines and some cleaning supplies. Next to it is another 2 shelf cabinet that houses more of the same.  We also have plenty of counter space by the sink and above the toilet, but per my OCD, or so Pat says, we keep our stuff to a minimum on it. Originally I had a set of extra towels in one of the cabinets and tissues sitting on the counter. It also came with a great 3-towel rack on the back of the bathroom door that holds the towels and bathmat we currently are using. While looking at what others have done we decided to add 2 towel racks to the wall, replacing the hand towel rack our RV came with.  One of the racks holds 2 extra towels and a hand towel.  The other one holds extra wash cloths, hand towels and even the box of tissues.  It works well for us.  We are big on command adhesive hooks and holders.  They also make a hair dryer holder which works well and is on the wall.  The toilet brush holder is also secured by command adhesive velcro strips. I hated to waste my cabinet space with the extra toilet paper rolls, so I found a pattern for making a toilet tissue holder that hangs on the toilet tissue holder. The less we have to pick up and stash when it's time to move on, the better.

Palazzo towel rack on back of bathroom door
Added towel racks and TP holder

Palazzo bathroom storage cabinets
Command Adhesive hair dryer holder

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