Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Hiking the River Styx Spring Trail in Mammoth Cave NP

Wow--nearly 70𝇈 today!  Mammoth Cave became a national park in 1941, a World Heritage Site in 1981, and and International Biosphere Reserve in 1990. It is the world's longest known cave system with about 400 miles having been mapped so far.
  We picked a wider trail again today so Krikkit could join us.  The River Styx Spring Trail leaving from the visitor's center was .4 miles long. It is listed as a moderate trail that goes past the Historic Entrance.  This was the original entrance to Mammoth Cave and was used exclusively until 1921.  It is the entrance still used in some of the tours today.

Historic Entrance
We continued on to River Styx Spring.  A beautiful walk with lots of trees, some that looked pretty old. Krikkit enjoyed the rocky and down hill walk going down, but between the two of us had to ride in the stroller back up to the top.  At the end of the trail an underwater river in the cave comes out into the Green River. The River Styx Spring wasn't visible today due to flooding.  Along the path was the old Riverboat Landing.  The riverboat connected the people around Mammoth Cave to the rest of the world.  After the L & N Railroad came through in 1859 it became cheaper and faster for people to use trains. Steamboat operators began offering tourist packages to the Cave area including honeymoon cruises.

You can see where the underground river exits.  Somewhere
 under the water is the River Styx Spring.

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