Sunday, March 15, 2020

no grass, cold, slow internet...

We saw a lot of water this morning between Cairo, IL and Sikeston, MO, near the Mississippi river.  Not sure if it was flooding or a lot of rain.

We've been from central, to eastern, to daylight savings time' and back to central within a week.  We are time zoned out!  We were up early today, as was most of those spending the night around us, so we actually were on the road by 7:30 a.m.  We were looking forward to a nice hot shower but settled for a slightly warm one.  We decided to make another long day of it to try and get to warmer weather.  We did make a longer day of it, but no warmer weather.  Thanks to the hospitality of Southland Casino in West Memphis, AR. we are staying in their lot tonight.  No grass for Krikkit, but sand.  We lived in Trumann, AR in 2004 and Pat said this brought back memories.  Krikkit could walk on the sandy area but he sunk into the sand up to his knee. In Trumann I lost one of my favorite red Birkenstock sandals in sand like that just outside our front door.  Pulled my leg out but the sandal was no where to be seen and never surfaced!  Usually we would patronize the business that let us stay, but to follow the "social distancing" we are going to skip the gambling tonight.

Felt at home when we saw the entering Missouri sign!

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