Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Phone tragedy, but in the scheme of life it will be okay!

We took advantage of another non-rainy day and a warm one on top of that.  We headed to Lake Dardanelle State Park, about 15 minutes from our campground, and near Russellville, AR.  On our way to the State Park we went past the Bona Dea Trails and Sanctuary.

View of Mt. Nebo from Lake Dardanelle State Park
Dardanelle State Park was across from Mt. Nebo, which is where we were yesterday.  It was a small park.  The campground was packed, and I was disappointed because it didn't look like there was a lot of social distancing going on.  We headed down the park's one trail, but with all of the rain we had, the path was sitting in water.  We decided to forego this one and head back to the campground.  The visitor's center was closed, as are all of the State Park visitor's centers right now, because of COVID - 19.  They had a  great fishing pier, and the view of Mt. Nebo was nothing short of spectacular.  The nuclear plant was pretty close too.  There were signs  along the road to direct you if there was a nuclear disaster.  When we were walking around Mt. Nebo yesterday Pat asked if I knew what to do if there was a nuclear disaster right then.  I said, "bend over and kiss my *** good-bye?"  He said, "pretty much."
Lake Dardanelle State Park
We decided to try the Bona Dea Trails and Sanctuary that we had passed on our way to the State Park.  We had noticed lots of cars there earlier and held hope we might find some hiking, or at least walking.  We arrived around 3 and it was getting pretty hot.  Actually it was only in the 70's but with the sunshine it seemed hot, especially after the cooler weather we have been experiencing!  We grabbed Krikkit's stroller and headed off.  The sign at the beginning, something about alligators in the area, was a little intimidating.  We walked past Frog Pond and then Walden's Pond.  There were several connecting trails that spread across the Prairie Creek Bottomlands.  It was obviously a recreation area for Russellville residents, as there were a lot of people walking and running on the trails.  They also included a para-course with 18 exercise stations spaced along the trail.  It also was a wetland wildlife sanctuary.  It was beautiful, with dense trees and a lot of wetland, but I wasn't disappointed that we didn't see any alligators.  I told Krikkit if she got in a scuffle with one she was on her own!  The wide trails were asphalt with oil and chip on top and in great shape.  One trail was closed due to a bridge that was out, so we had to turn around and go back the way we came.  Krikkit walked some but spent most of her time in the stroller so we got a good walk in.

Bona Dea Trails and Sanctuary, Walden's Pond
My phone died, or so I thought, when we got home.  I was afraid I didn't have my pictures, but Pat has it working, at least for now.  Even if it wasn't, that seems minor compared with what is happening in the world with COVID-19.  Social distance and stay well!

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