Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Mammoth Cave National Park--we have arrived!

We had a shorter drive to Mammoth Cave National Park today.  Last night Nashville had a tornado that caused serious damage and deaths.  We were staying only 30 miles south but only had rain.  As we went through Nashville this morning we only saw minor damage, none of the serious stuff.

Nashville Tornado 
We are staying at Cave Country RV Campground outside the park.  Nothing fancy, but a nice RV park.  We went to the Mammoth Cave Visitor Center this afternoon.  Krikkit got her tour of the park with a walk down Heritage Trail. It was 60° and beautiful! The path was handicapped accessible so it made for easy pushing of her stroller.  We were surprised with how far she walked so she was only in the stroller for a short while.  Almost shorter because she spotted a squirrel!😀  As usual, if we bring the stroller she doesn't need it and if we don't she doesn't walk far before she just stops.  At 15 that's understandable.

Haven't had hook-ups since Sunday.  A hose didn't get attached well enough and the water tank area had some water in there.  Oops!  Dried out and back to normal.

Heritage Trail

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