Monday, March 30, 2020

Rock House Cave

Pat cooked bacon on the grill and I scrambled eggs inside to start off the day on Sunday.  We went back to Petit Jean State Park to take a short trail to Rock House Cave.  It was a very shallow cave. Inside the cave are pictographs done by native Americans nearly 2,000 years ago.  Mixed reviews on people that saw them, and those that didn't.  We fell into the latter category.  We definitely saw red areas, the most common color, but weren't able to discern any pictures.

Rock House Cave Entrance

On the way to the cave we went through a field of turtle rocks.  Wear from water entering the crevices causes the rocks to look like turtle shells.

Turtle Rocks
We continued on down the loop path for a short distance to try and see the falls from this side (we were on the opposite side of the falls from our first visit). The first overlook didn't give us a view, but we could hear the Falls.  The next lookout required a steep descent down some slippery rocks.  Krikkit couldn't have gone down, nor up, so she and I waited at the top.  Pat went down to see the view of the Falls.  The trail also continued below, but it wasn't dog friendly so we made it a short day.

Guess what????  Another rainy day today, all day.  They offered a free month of CBS All Access, so we signed up a few days ago, mainly to see Star Trek Picard.  We have watched several episodes and watched 2 more today.  Following that, we watched Disney's, The Love Bug.  Movie quality sure has progressed.  I scratched my neck this afternoon and got part of a tick-yuck!!  Pat thinks he got the rest of it.  Put alcohol, peroxide and an antibiotic on it.  So now it's just wait and observe.  Hope they have nice ticks here.

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