Monday, March 9, 2020

Flowers abloom!

Thor service was at our door by 7 this morning and we were off in the car to Nappanee, IN, about 7 miles south of Wakarusa.  I love this little town of 6,700.  They have a walking path around the golf course. First you walk through an arbor "The Art Path," and you come across "The Apple Orchard" with a variety of large (maybe 4' tallish) painted "apples", because as the plaques by the apples say, It's a-peeling around here. I hope you like them as much as I did.

Businesses sponsored an "apple," with different artists painting different designs. Nappanee is noted for it's apple festival in the fall.
Apple Orchard
Work until Dusk, by Karol Keller

Needle and Thread, by Jeff Stillson

As you go further down the path you find the "Flower Gardens."  In this area various businesses have sponsored a flower sculpture which is again designed and created by different artists.  For example, the dentists office sponsored one, Blooming Bristles, which was created with different colored toothbrushes and dental mirrors.  Lots of creative "flowers!"

Blooming Bristles, by Jeff Stillson/Cybil Stillson

Home Grown, by Jenny Shaw

Flower Power, by Brian Van Voorst
The Nappanee Arts Council has a group of Junkyard Dogs placed on corners throughout town.  Theyalso are sponsored by a business and are created by various artists.  They are my favorite.  Fortunately I no longer have a yard, or at least a permanent one, as these are so cool!

Frank, by Lavon Kuhns

Tiny, by Lisetta Zahm

Otis, by Brain Van Voorst

ewmar Coach has its headquarters, and is produced in Nappanee, which also has a large amish community.  We ate breakfast at The Dutch Kitchen, a repeat from last fall when we were there, and had the special 2 eggs, meat and toast for a very reasonable price.  Portions were large and we were ready to start the day. I went to Veni's Sweet Shop last fall in downtown Nappanee and found the best honeycomb candy, almost identical to my Mom's.  Saddened to hear that they don't make it anymore.  Move on Ann!  I highly recommend a trip to this cute little town.

Sign on building

Krikkit spent some time in the car, walked around the park a couple of times, toured junk yard dogs (didn't bark at any of them), visited Tractor Supply, Lowe's and spent some time in the the waiting room at the Thor service center.  She received major attention everywhere we went and more than her share of treats.

We returned to Wakarusa around 2:30 and our motor home was brought out at 3.  Several issues taken care of, several addressed but parts needed or more time, and several items not looked at yet.  We will definitely be here all of this week and.....  We will be ready at 7 a.m. to hit the road tomorrow again.  Where will we go? That will be a surprise to all of us. What surprises are in store for you tomorrow?


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