Saturday, November 21, 2020

Week 2

All 3 of us were excited for Clara's sleepover.  Clara, "I'm tired.  I think I yawned.  I'm going to bed.  You can go to bed too."

Week 2 in Houston involved a trip to the park, France Day, baseball (including 2 tournament games), and just time spent together!

Headed to Circle Park

Preparations for France day

Eric and Pat made the crepes.

Eric's Creme Brule

Although Toni persisted the Crepe Suzette would not "flambe."

Lilah gave the power point presentation on France.  We finished the day with the movie Leap.  Yes, Ann slept through part of it!


For breakfast we had Oui yogurt, croissants, berries and orange juice. Being true to France we had our big meal at noon with Coq Au Vin (made with wine from France), saged mashed potatoes, a baguette and brie cheese, followed by macaroons.  Dinner was Ratatouille and croissants, Cremé Brulé, Crepé Suzette and wine.  More pictures below.

It felt as though we spent the day in France.  We learned a lot about the country.  The food was delicious!  Thanks to Toni for all of the work in selecting and preparing authentic French cuisine.  What a fun day!

1 of 4 softball games we went to.

We had an evening with Clara and...


Ending with a movie and popcorn

Clara brought out her book choices for her sleepover early in the day.

A snack before we turned the dinette into her bed.  She was so excited to go to sleep!

Alexa's reward for reading a Jackson Percy Book?  She was allowed to watch the movie.  Tonight, Sat., Grandpa and I were honored to be asked to watch it with her.  She was happy that I stayed awake for the WHOLE movie!

Our French breakfast

Our French lunch



Creme Brule

Crepe Suzette


  1. What fun!!!! Loved, love, loved all the pictures!!!! laurie

    1. Thank you. We have been blessed with being able to visit all of our children, safely, this summer and fall!

  2. Yes, they are growing up fast. It's always fun to spend time with them.