Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Lovin' it--NOT!

We noticed they didn't have signs in the open range area with just regular cows.

It's  102° in Amargosa Valley today.  Death Valley National Park, 27 miles away, is not only hotter but is billed as the hottest place in the world!  

Best time to visit is mid October to mid May.  Why are we here?  It's kind of like a you can't get here from there kind of thing.  We looked at going to California and then coming back up a little later and catching Death Valley but it just didn't work out logistically. So, hot or not we're here.

We left Coyote Summit Tues. morning and had to backtrack a little to get around the large space taken up by Area 51.  Drove about 240 miles to Longstreet Inn, Casino and RV Park in Amargosa Valley, going past Las Vegas.  Not sure what it means but there's only 3 other campers here at the RV Park.  We have 50 amp. service  and use of all facilities including the pool if we'd want it, or at these temperatures, need it. 

A kind window washer this morning.

Pat had to remove this carcass from our driving path as we pulled into the Coyote Summit.  He walked down a dirt road later and found an actual dead cow.  We were glad it got cool enough to close up because the wind changed and the smell wasn't pleasant

Past the background mountains is Area 51.  From what I read if you get too close security will be there to chat with you. 

Pat's view from on top of the mountain yesterday.   Our RV is the dot at the bottom.  We were actually camped right off the road.  As desolate as it looks several cars passed by.

We were definitely in dark sky country Tues. night.  The moon was too bright when we went to bed at an old-age time of 10.  We both woke at 1 a.m. but we were too tired to get up.  At 4 we made it up.  It would have been better at 1:00 but it was still utterly amazing. There were stars EVERYWHERE.  Almost too many  to get a good view of the milky way.  Pat even saw a shooting  star.  

I loved that there weren't just Deer Crossing signs but Major Deer Crossing signs Pat said only Major Deer can cross, not Colonels or Generals.  I am an easy audience, it made me chuckle.

High "steaks" poke anyone?  This 8 to 14' (depending on who you ask) fiberglass cow is in the Casino parking lot. She began her life atop the Holy Cow Casino and Brewery in Las Vegas which closed in 2002.

Where are the Piepers now?  Armagosa Valley, NV.

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