Wednesday, September 1, 2021

SPECTACULAR (and really cold)!

Hiking in the snow Weds.

We left the RV at 7:00 this morning and headed to Logan Pass Visitor Center to hike the very popular Hidden Lake Overlook Trail at Glacier.  We arrived at 8:15, at 39°, with every parking space filled and lots of other cars looking for a spot to park.

Pat drove around the lot many times looking for a spot to open up.  We stopped several times near vehicles that LOOKED like they might be leaving, and waited.  None left!  We gave up and started to head back down the mountain, only to turn around and go back to try again.  

We finally resorted to the tactic we saw others using successfully.  I got out and asked people leaving the visitor center if they were leaving the lot.  Once I found someone, I walked to their car with them and stood in the spot after they left (Pat assured me no one would run over me) until Pat pulled in.

Now we bundled up.  Besides being 39°, the sun was nowhere to be found, and there was quite a cold wind.  I had on 3 coats, heavy socks with liners, hiking boots, hat, and a light pair of gloves.  Of course we had our water and, most importantly, snacks--you just never know.  We vetoed our hiking poles so we could put our hands in our pockets.  It was worth all of it!!

The hike to the overlook was 1.5 miles.  You could go another 1.5 miles down to the lake but we declined. A good portion of the hike was on a boardwalk.  Not a lot of it, but notice the snow.  Quite slick!

Love driving in and above the clouds.

Here we go.

Wouldn't you think they could have run the boardwalk around just one side of the rock?

A small waterfall towards the top.

Hoping this wasn't what we hiked up for!

Thanks to our volunteer photographer for climbing up on the rocks.

That's about as much snow as I could scoop up.

Even with a little snow on the ground the flowers were blooming.

Heading down was slick at first but the sun peeked out and took care of the snow quickly.

Hard to capture the Weeping Wall but as we were driving back I tried.  In the picture it just looks wet but in person you can see the water running down it.

As we were leaving Logan Pass two Bighorn sheep crossed the road.

We took a drive past Lake McDonald Lodge before leaving the park.

Lake McDonald Lodge was built in 1913 and has 82 guest rooms.

Glacier Distilling

After our cold morning Pat did some taste testing to warm up.  His flight contained Vodka, Moonshine, Whiskey and Rum. 
Vodka was the winner.

Where are the Piepers now?  Columbia Falls, MT

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