Tuesday, August 31, 2021

I love those waterfalls

Jackson Glacier, Glacier National Park.

We took the Going-to-the-Sun road through Glacier National Park on Monday.  We checked out several scenic stops.  Lots of beautiful mountains, waterfalls, and impressive road designs.  The road was created in 1933 with the concept of blending in. 

Jackson glacier is the 7th largest Glacier of the 25 remaining glaciers, and the easiest to see. In 1850 there were nearly 150 glaciers.  Global warming has taken its toll and the glaciers remaining are also shrinking.

We didn't arrive in the park until after 8:00 on Mon., so by the time we got to a couple of the popular spots and hikes the parking lots were full.  We planned on just driving through though and will get up early a couple of other days to get a parking spot.

To drive the Going-to-the-Sun road you have to have a ticket to drive on it (only until Sept. 6).  We paid the $2 and got our ticket in June as soon as our visit dates became available.  The ticket is good for 7 days.  They did this to control crowds during the busiest tourist times.

They also have a park-and-ride shuttle.  It was not very useful to us because it didn't stop at many scenic spots so we skipped it.

We left Missoula, MT Sunday.   Pat has not been hearing out of one ear for over 2 weeks so I made him stop at an urgent care to have it checked out.  Sometimes I think he's full of it and, today, he was.  Full of wax that is.  They had him fixed up in no time.

Leaving Missoula.

We had never seen an animal crossing before.  I wonder how many animals use it.

Many signs on route 93 in the Flathead Indian Reservation include the Flathead language of Salish. 

We ate lunch at this rest stop with a view of the Mission Mountain Range

As we got close to Glacier everyone had Cherries for sale.  

Lake McDonald 

We saw a large number of dead trees.  Since 1939 a fungus, blister rust, has infected and killed 75% of Glaciers whiteboard pine trees.   There have been other diseases as well as forest fires.  There is currently a forest fire to the west of the park.
Haystack Creek

McDonald Falls

Sacred Dancing Cascade


One of the historic tunnels with windows for viewing.

Triple Arches
This bridge was built to support a section of the road.  This 65' bridge was built in 1927 as an alternative to a retaining wall.

St. Mary's Lake

Sun Point


Goose Island in St. Mary's Lake.  One of the most seen pictures of Glacier.

Huckleberry EVERYTHHING.  Pies and shakes are in great supply.

Columbia Creek RV Park, Columbia Falls, Mt.  We are about 30 mins. from the west entrance to Glacier. 
Where are the Piepers now?  Columbia Falls, MT


  1. Looks gorgeous and ....cold! You will find several animal overpasses over Interstate 80 in Nevada also. BTW it's cold here now also; 68 I think! Brrr.

    1. We're here until Tues. and the highs will be 70 to 80, but it gets chilly at night.