Saturday, August 7, 2021

The Dalles was a Native American trading center

Well, we have been busy since our last post.  In fact, VERY busy AND without internet and phone service.

Memaloose State Park, in the Columbia River Gorge, was beautiful and hot, like up to 110°.  We supposedly had 30 amp service which would let us run both air-conditioners.  Their "30 amp" was more like 27 amp, or one a/c.  All things considered (keeping the door closed as much as possible, foil in the windows, shades down) we stayed cool enough to survive.

Sorosis Park, The Dalles.

Lewis and Clark stopped twice in The Dalles.

One of the downtown murals.

Old St. Peter's Landmark towers above the town and was a navigation aid for traveller's on the Columbia River.  The former Catholic Church is over 115 years old. In 1971 it was saved from demolition and is used to host weddings and other community events.  It was closed today.☹

They enjoyed hearing about the red tailed hawk.

cedar dugout canoe

The Columbia River course with all of it's towns on the museum floor.

Beautiful murals throughout the museum.

Cyrus' turn to dry.

Samira was in charge of stacking!

Where are the Piepers?  Bothel, WA


  1. Glad you survived the heat. BTW one of Mary's Aunts lives in the Dalles.