Tuesday, August 24, 2021

"If there's a heaven for me, Im sure it has a beach attached." --Jimmy Buffet

Not a lot of sunny days here.  Monday night we were treated to a sunset on the beach.

We were trying to find a beach location to spend this week.  The only opening we found was at Tidelands Campground in Copalis Beach.  Great camping spot. No seashells, but I loved looking for sand dollars.  Bonus:  Zia's mother's friend lived just 20 minutes away in Ocean Shores.  Zia and the kids have gotten to spend a lot of time with Sally.  Zia invited us for dinner Mon. night.  Loved meeting Sally!

A morning with just Samira.

Pat demonstrating why the baker needs to taste-test the cookies.  

59° out but that didn't stop these two.

After the beach a charcuterie tray and cocoa.

Lots of artwork this past month.

Samira's first ponytail.  

Later in the day they flew the bigger kite.

A trip to Aberdeen for a final trip to an orthopedist.  My arm was set free and he didn't think therapy was needed.  Now to be careful for a few weeks.

Monkey puzzle tree in Sally's yard

The kids and their version of croquet.  Sally's house is right on the canals.  The kids got to take the kayaks out by themselves today.

Leaving Sally's we got a view of a mother and her fawns.

Where are the Piepers now?  Copalis. WA

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