Thursday, July 29, 2021

Family time

Josh, Zia, Cyrus and Samira joined us last week in Portland.  Josh flew back Monday and the rest stayed for a vacation. We went to the beach in Seaside, Cannon Beach, and back to Seaside in OR. Wednesday we moved on to Memaloose State Park.  One word:  HOT!🔥 Temperatures will be back in the 100's.  Normal highs in July? 85°
Some pictures from our coast visit:

Troutdale, OR

Rest area on out way from Portland to Seaside.

Rocks and water, what better fun?

A smore or two.

Watching the Goonies in preparation for Cannon Beach

Seaside Beach here we come!

Samira was the only one to get her feet wet.  It was cold, highs in the 60's, and the water was freezing.

Grandpa found a delicious breakfast "banana split" recipe.

A return.  In 2008 we were on Cannon Beach celebrating Josh and Zia's wedding.

Cannon Beach 2008

Haystack Rock

Low tide

Samira and Zia

Pidgeon nesting time.  A large bird came in to rob a nest and the pidgeons went on attack.

Great sea food

Ready to catch some fish!

The rope course was a lot of fun.  If only o didn't have a broken arm.

Columbia River Gorge from the Rowen Crest Overlook. Waze apparently thought we needed the scenic drive.  It was pretty.

Views of the Columbia River Gorge from our campground, Memaloose State Park.

Samira found some blackberries at Memaloose S. P.

Where are the Piepers now?  Memaloose State Park, Mosier, OR

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