Monday, July 5, 2021

A party!

Lots of wildflowers along the road on our trek to the west coast Monday.

Monday we were on the road early to get to Mystic Forest RV park near Klamath, CA.  It was 199 miles of ups, downs, and curvy roads.  A 5 hour drive. 

Whiskeytown Lake

We saw lots of dead trees.  Not sure if it was a result of fires or disease.

First view of the Pacific Ocean

Thursday morning I was "attempting" to use  my new ear buds.  There is a time in life, by the way, where new technology just shouldn't be allowed.  I reached that time a long while ago!  Anyway, I looked up and saw a big old rock chip in the windshield.  Pat said a truck passed us earlier shooting out rocks.  I called Fast Glass in Fallon, NV, about 30 miles from our destination in Fernley.  We were able to pull off right in front as we went by and he had it fixed and we were on our way in 5 minutes.  He did a great job!

Pat grabbed my attention by seeing a "smore" shop as we entered Fernley.  Disappointment as it was a "smoke" shop, lol.

Nice rest stop today.  A beautiful pond with walking paths behind it.  Pat told me we were on Donner Pass and there might be a plaque.  Being the history buff that I am I had no idea what the Donner party was.  Pat, "Everyone knows what that is."  Not me!

Where are the Piepers?  Klamath, CA

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