Sunday, July 4, 2021


I took the time on July 4th to tour Mercy Medical Center in Redding, CA.  Hopefully I'll be as good as new, at least for an old lady, after 6 weeks or so. 

As I previously said, we were paid-up to stay at Wispering Elms in Baker, NV until Thurs., July 1st.  With a 350 mile drive (long day for us) planned for Thurs., and our package debacle, we made an usual decision.  At 2 in the afternoon we packed up and decided to drive a couple of hours.  

As we were hooking up the car and doing our checks, there were no tail lights or running lights on the RV or car, and the driver rear turn signal did not work on the RV.  Not much choice but to move on since we were in the middle of nowhere.  As we were driving Pat noticed no dash air.  Suddenly the air came on.  We pulled over and all lights were working again.  Pretty sure it's a module that was recalled and we had replaced once before.  An appointment set up with Freightliner in Oregon July 12.

Pat found a rest area/welcome center just before Eureka on U.S. 50. for Weds. night.  I was thinking there would at least be bathrooms and brochures for something billed as a welcome center, although honestly, Eureka has a population of only 400.  I was expecting too much.  It was a basic pull off with 3 picnic tables.  You could stay up to 18 hours however.  It was perfect.  A semi and a small trailer also spent the night.  

A prospector discovered an ore field and exclaimed "Eureka' and the town was born.  At one time it had a population of 10,000.

Art comes in all forms.  Welcome to the shoe tree.  Looks like birds from a distance.  Pairs of all kinds of shoes adorned this tree at a pull-off.

Pat's mended Adidas hiking boots were losing their sole, or maybe their soul, for the second time.  I tossed them in the dumpster in Nevada with his blessing.  He has had new boots for a while but he really liked the pair of Adidas.  I wished I had them today to give them a proper send off.

Pairs were tied together and must have been given a hefty swing to get them to the top.

The Frenchman Dry Lake Bed

It was a long dry lake and nearly thr entire edge on both sides people had used rocks to write things.

New sink drain

Finally added a second fire extinguisher.

The insurance company told me if my tent was stolen while I'm camping I won't be covered. 🤣

Where are the Piepers now?  Redding, CA


  1. What the heck happened?? Prayers for a quick healing!!! laurie

  2. What the heck happened?? Prayers for a quick healing! laurie

  3. I was looking 6' ahead instead of where I was walking, and I am not a graceful faller!