Saturday, July 3, 2021

Which Burger place is better?

I've heard people rave about this fast food burger spot so I had to give it a try.  As soon as we got set up at Win-River Resort and Casino in Redding, CA Sat. we had errands to run, but this place was at the top of the list.  Do you know it's name?

Pat and I were in agreement, a rarity by the way, that "In and Out Burger" was okay, but nothing special.  Pat was happy that they had an Animal Burger (no bun option) only they forgot to hold the bun, lol!  I liked the toasted bun.  I would have been just as happy, however, with a McDonald's cheeseburger,  on a sesame seed bun, dressed like a Big Mac, for less cost.  I did eat the whole cheeseburger, instead of my usual half, because of the toasted bun.

I wasn't impressed with the fries.  They weren't done enough and boy were they salty.  I didn't think to request no salt.  I think McDonald's fries come without salt anymore?  Pat didn't eat all of his so I'm guessing they weren't his favorite either.

We arrived at 1:30 but the line was kind of long.  It kept moving but it probably was 20 minutes from when we got in line and got our food.

We like to stay at Casinos.  Often you can park overnight for free.  We're not big on giving our money away, so rather than gamble, we will often buy lunch at one of their restaurants.  

At Win-River they have a little RV section in their parking lot with full hook-ups for $30.  We are staying two nights but you can stay up to 5. 
We even have some grass for Krikkit.

A fountain at the casino entrance.

We both spent our $15 player's card money way too fast!

Perfect timing for seeing the sunflower fields.

The bees are needed for pollination.

Beautiful divider between the north and south bound lanes on Interstate 5.

Olive trees

Where are the Piepers now?  Redding, CA  🔥105°

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