Thursday, July 8, 2021

From the Redwood Forests...This land was made for you and me...--Woody Guthrie

We spent our time in Redding, CA at 106°.  I mean the water coming out of the tap was beyond warm.  Now we're over to the coastal town of Klamath and we are into the mid-60's, tops, for several days.  I'm sorry, that's a 40° drop and I'm cold.

LRedwood National and State Parks are made up of 4 parks jointly managed by the National Park Service and the state of California.  Redwood National Park itself was established in 1968.  This union protects 45% of all remaining  coast Redwood old-growth forests.  These trees are the tallest, among the oldest, and one of the  most massive trees on earth. Most of the old-growth is between 500-700 years old with some trees as old as 2,000 years.  They are a site to behold and NO picture can do them justice!

Tuesday we did a little exploring just to see what was there.  We traveled through Prarie Creek State Park and maybe drove through some of Redwood National Park.

We don't do a lot of private attractions but we did pay $5 to drive through the tree today.  Worth it?  Probably not.🙂


Any ideas on this?

Roosevelt Elk
The Elk are calving right now so there aren't large numbers to see.  They also are very aggressive during this time.

This one is taking a rest.

On Wednesday we followed the 1.5 mile trail in the Lady Byrd Johnson Grove at Redwood National Park. In 1969 Richard Nixon dedicated this grove to her for her dedication to preserving and enhancing America's natural beauty.

This seemed to be one of the biggest trees.

Many ferns.


Lots of moss.

You could walk through this trunk.

This tree was cut for path access.  I think it looks like it has a pretty good circumference.

When you put Pat next to the tree it REALLY looks big.

A tree root poking out in the middle of the path.  I saw it and stepped over it.

Gold bears positioned on each corner of the Klamath River bridge.

Pat wanted to try the Jerky.  What he got was simply smoked salmon, but he said it was good.

Pat said this was more of a fake smoker.  They weren't actually smoking salmon there, at least not today.

Where are the Piepers?  Klamath, CA

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