Wednesday, July 14, 2021

When life gives you lemons, make lemonaide;

make the most of what you've got; when life gives you 100 reasons to cry, show life you have 1,000 reasons to smile; life is not the absence of problems, it's the ability to deal with them; when life gives you dirt, grow flowers.  It makes a perfect playing card rack!

Sometimes you meet people and it seems more than a coincidence.  We met that couple while we were waiting for repairs at the Medford, OR Freightliner Mon. morning.  A great couple whom I believe have been full-time travelers for nearly 6 years.  We both sold our homes and gave everything to our families, or simply gave stuff away when we started out.  We share a lot of common travels, including this summer.  We met at the crossroads.  We are headed where they have been and they are headed where we have been.  We both spent time last winter very close to each other in Harlingen, TX, although not at the same park.   It makes you wonder if we had seen each other there? Unfortunately, we shared another common bond.  Within the past two weeks we both lost a pet, ours just under, theirs over 17 years of age.  Lots to talk about.  We hope there's good news this fall and you get to continue your travels for a long time!

Medford Freightliner was great.  The PDM (Power Distribution Module) had a recall.  Ours was bad when we purchased it in 2019.  The recall had just come out at that time but there wasn't a fix yet.  A different Freightliner replaced it with a new module, not a corrected one, but charged it as the recall repair.  Long story short this one was replaced at no cost!  We have running lights, tail lights, a left rear turn signal and, at 100°, cab a/c again.  They got us in on the date we needed, looked at it first thing this morning, and had it completed by noon.  Pat thought we had a voltage problem as we were leaving and they even came out to look at that.   Luckily the RV just hadn't started I guess, lol!  Pat thought it had, but with the generator still going running the RV a/c (keeping it cool  while we ran a couple of errands), he must not have noticed it hadn't turned over.  Ooops!  Off we went.

We were able to donate Krikkit's beds, stroller, blankets, and all other items to the South Oregon Humane Society today.  Felt right. 

The campground we're at, Joseph Stewart County Park, used to be a State Park just a few months ago.  It's big, beautiful, asphalt parking spots, water, electric and the sites are sooo spacious.  No sewer hook-ups, only 30 amp electric, not 1 TV station, and ask my Granddaughter Lilah, hardly any internet.  At only 5 nights we won't have to dump until we leave and with solar (plenty of that) running most everything else we can still run both air conditioners, we don't watch much TV anyway, which just leaves the internet and that's a bummer.  First campground in a long time that's great for riding bikes!  Oh yeah, I have a broken arm.🙃

I think it's reasonably close to Crater Lake National Park.  I'd tell you how far, but that's right, no internet!  We do have an old fashioned atlas and when we return to Medford tomorrow we can also download the maps.  Hoping for the arm cast tomorrow and then LOTS of errands.  From what I can see my hand is really black and blue and my thumb really hurts to bend it, so I hope there isn't something else wrong.

Looks good!  6 weeks in the removeable splint and I should be healed!

Nice corner park in downtown Medford.

And a gentleman playing chess.  I might even be able to beat him!

Where are the Piepers now?  Crater Lake


  1. Good to hear that your arm only requires a removable splint. Your current campground sounds a little like the state park we were at this week with the boys. It had really big full hookup sites with paved pull through pads. The rental camper was a little small for the 4 of us but we were only there for 3 nights and the park was great. Lots of trails and Mike and the boys did a lot of fishing. If our camper arrives in September or October I think we might go there for our "maiden trip".

    1. Glad you had a good experience. Wished we had full hook-ups but they have a nice bath house here. I can only take the splint off to shower and do a few simple hand/wrist exercises but I can't use it at all. Still feels good to get some air. I asked about the removeab]]le splint but it seems like they prefer it when possible anyway. It was flat and they put it something that looked like a rotisserie oven, heated it up and formed it on my arm. Glad it's below my elbow. It's as hard as a cast I believe. I hope the exercises keep it from getting so stiff.