Sunday, July 18, 2021

"I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food." --W. C. Fields

What fictious TV show is based in this town?

This is our second night at a Harvest Host on our way from Joseph Stewart County Park headed toward Portland.  We really appreciated the hospitality of both hosts.

Saturday night we stayed at Meadow Estates Winery and Vinyard in Oakland, OR.  We got to sample a couple of wines that weren't even for sale yet.  Celine was very generous with the tastings. There were 5 other Harvest Host guests, including a couple next to us from near San Diego.

Merlot and Southern Cross (Blended Red)

Sunday night will be spent at Emerson Vineyards, Monmouth, OR, just north of Cavalis. Tom and Jane are the owners but the winery is their son's dream.  Nina did our taste-testing and was a wonderful hostess.   Sorry Tom, she said you like to give people a hard time and we should give it right back if we saw you!😀  According to Nina, Tom has been hosting Harvest Host guests for 11 years.  They have two 12-month old lab mixes.  Both dogs were so sweet but Barney stole my heart. ❤  

There was a nice, big sign out by the road, down and back up a BIG hill.  It was hot and my arm was itching in the cast so this is what you get!

Barney ❤

Port and Pinot Noir



Where are the Piepers now?  Monmouth, OR

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