Friday, July 9, 2021

I'm sure Krikkit is running again in the meadow by the Rainbow Bridge, maybe chasing a rabbit.

She hadn't eaten or drank for a couple of days but an ice cream cone got a few licks this morning.

She will greet us one day barking, wiggling all over, tail wagging, with loads of kisses, and we will cross that bridge together!

Krikkit was a great companion for just a few weeks shy of 17 years.  Almost as long as we had kids at home!  She traveled with us from sea to sea and border to border.  I hope she had a good life, we tried.  We will miss her, but I'm glad she is not in pain.

Our Arkansas rescue pup.

Views of the ocean from the North side of the Klamath river. 


Pale Flax

Views of the ocean from the South side of the Klamath River.

Neither of us got a good picture of the island full of sea lions or seals.

A radar station for WWII disguised like a farm.


An Earthquake of 5.9 occurred near the California/Nevada Thursday.  The epicenter was on the California side, south of Coleville.  It caused some rock slides and was felt west in San Francisco and up to Roseville.  We noticed nothing unusual.

When we lived in Trumann  Arkansas, around 2004, we had a 3.0?  earthquake not far from us.  The epicenter was maybe 30ish miles away?  Pat probably remembers more about it than I do.  We definitely felt it.  As I recall, it felt and sounded like a sonic boom, or maybe a freight train going by really close.  We felt the tremble but nothing moved out of place and it didn't last long.  Krikkit was acting strange and must have felt it before we did.

 Where are the Piepers?  Klamath, CA


  1. Very sorry to hear about Krikket. It's been a rough week for you. At least you have the towering Redwoods to gaze at -- hopefully cooler weather also.

  2. Thanks. The Redwoods are amazing. We were in Jedediah Smith State Park yesterday. Locals told us there was a dent in the road outside of the trail parking where a Redwood fell on the road in March and killed 2 people in their car. Weather has been in 60's and a little chilly. Tomorrow head towards Crater Lake but have an appt. Mon. am at Freightliner in Medford on the way. At 100° deciding if we boondock at Freightliner and hope we can run generator or find rv park.

  3. Sorry to hear about Krikkit. How's your arm?

    1. Thank you! OK I guess, except it itches. I see an orthopedist Tues. in Bedford. Hopefully the swelling's down and he'll cast it. Hard to find someone who would see me.

  4. Krikkit enjoyed a great and long life
    because of you and a fantastic family. You were all lucky to have been a part of each other's lives.