Sunday, July 11, 2021

The end of the Redwood Forests

Battery Point Lighthouse, Cresent City, CA
 Between it and Battery Point Beach there are huge rocks.

We have now been in, or driven through, Redwood National Park and the three State Parks.  Friday we stopped in Jedediah Smith State Park and drove through Del Norte Coast.

Redwoods have shallow roots but they can extend out 100 feet.  They thrive in thick groves where the roots can intertwine adding strength.

Lots of fallen trees in this forest.  A local couple told us that a Redwood fell across the road just outside of this trail area.  Unfortunately it landed on a car killing two people.  No storms, just fell.

This root ball was enormous!

That is a giant burl.

This is a western hemlock and is commonly found in Redwood Forests.  It grew from a seed germinated on this log, wrapping it's roots around the log. 

The Chart Room in Crescent City was recommended for it's sea lion view.. You can sit inside and view the sea lions or they have picnic tables outside.  

Battery Point Beach

It was a little chilly so we sat inside the car and shared our orders of clams and fish.  😋

Last year there was a rockslide on the  section of the Del Norte Coast known as The Last Chance Grade.  The road connects Klamath and other small communities to Crescent City, OR.   The alternate route adds 200 additional miles.  They are working on repairing it. On weekdays the road is open before 8 a.m., noon-3, and after 7 p.m. and only 1 lane of traffic at that time.  It is open weekends and Fri. afternoons. 

It can be quite a wait even when the road is open to take your turn.

The pile of dirt and rocks is where the other lane of traffic used to be.

Sunday we left Klamath a day early so we would be in Medford, OR for a repair at Freightliner.  First come, first served!  We hope they get us in early, and more importantly, hope they have the part they said they have.

The Smith River north of Crescent City.  It is the wildest and cleanest river in the country outside of Alaska and maybe the world.  It is the only major undammed river in CA.  Quite beautiful.

Sad, this section of burned forest was quite large.

We have tasks tomorrow.  We found a vet hospital here in Medford that will take unexpired pet prescriptions and give them to people who can't afford them.  Then it's off to the Humane Society to donate anything that they can use.  Sad, but happy to help out someone or some animal.  I hope they will take the stroller that gave Krikkit so much joy.  Maybe it would enable someone to adopt an older pet?


  1. I apparently missed an earlier post....I am SO SORRY other about the loss of Krikkit!!! It breaks my heart because I know how much you loved her and the most wonderful life that you gave her!! The adventures you gave her were so awesome, bike rides when her legs got weaker so she could still be with her beloved people . Praying for you as you experience all the times of "oh, I she's not here". Love to you both laurie

    1. Thanks Laurie! Yes, there have already been those times. It hurts but it was time and she let us know.

  2. We so enjoyed meeting ya’ll this morning at the Freightliner Dealership, enjoyed reading about your travels and your most loyal Companion Krikkit, I’m sure we have crossed paths before! Enjoy your trip and Safe Travels, we will be on the lookout for ya’ll!

    1. It was nice meeting you guys too. We have a lot in common. Unfortunately, that includes the loss of our pets. Seems like we are crossing paths right now, each headed to where the other has been! If we will be near each other again reach out.