Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Sometimes there just aren't any words...

Having to post this breaks our hearts!  I can't remember when I didn't refer to them as "the Eric's."  Not our Eric and their Eric, or Eric P. and Eric M., just "the Eric's."  

They were in school, school clubs, scouts, and just simply together throughout the years.  He was beyond a great friend. They loved to joke around and laugh. I loved listening to them.  Eric Miller moved to Iowa for his senior year of high school, yet they were still at each other's high school graduations. They ended up at the same college.  Eric Miller was Eric's best man and Eric was in Eric Miller's wedding.  

Eric Miller was smart, charming, funny, and kind.   He was a Dad to 4 and a Physician's Assistant.  

His life ended way too soon on Wednesday, June 30.  We love you Eric.  You will be missed.  Our sympathy is with his Mom and Dad, Mary and Brian, and the rest of his family and friends.

Ann and Pat

Rest in peace Eric!

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