Friday, July 16, 2021

Chip or Dale?

We were not the ones who spotted it!  The prior sign was dated back in 2019.

Thursday was our last day at Crater Lake.  Friday was spent doing chores and relaxing.  High Friday:  84°
Trail to Plaikni Falls

Chip or maybe Dale?  These little chipmunks are so cute.

Plaikni Falls

Wild flowers at the base of the falls were beautiful!

I found a beautiful place to leave our inspirational rock.  Posted it on their website when we got back Thurs.

Located in Rim Village and overlooks the lake.  It was built in 1915.

I actually got chilly Thurs. evening.  Pat laughed.  Temperature: 77°.

The trees, Baker Cypress, found here were planted in 1993.  They are a rare conifer found naturally only in a small slice of Northern California and Southern Oregon.  The interesting feature?  They depend on fire to reproduce.  When the tree is killed by fire, heat opens up the cones releasing the seeds.  It's back up reproduction methods are much less productive, often producing seedlings that don't survive.

Found some big acorns

Joseph Stewart County Park  on Lost Creek Lake.  Lots of boaters here.

Where are the Piepers now?  Crater Lake


  1. Well when you have been living with temps in the 100s for weeks, I think 77 would feel cool.

  2. Hi Pat and Ann. It's Val & Ed - we met at Meadows Estate Harvest Host. Thanks for all the tips and info for full time RVing. Take care and maybe we'll bump into you again!

    1. Well, we hope you enjoy your journeys! We will be curious to know if you stay with your current trailer or decide to upsize.