Thursday, April 6, 2023

Brrr, it's too cold up here!

This 3 -D mural in Eufala, OK. was a lot of fun. I hadn't experienced one before. 

That's Pat in the canoe.

Hope I don't fall off the ledge into the water. 

This is the view from the street. Looks just like 3 murals.

A guide as to where to stand for the best effects. 

Pat said I need to grow into my wings. I wasn't quite sure what he meant by that. Probably wasn't a good thing!

We didn't search for all 10 murals in Eufaula, OK, a town with a population of 2,700. It began in 1862 as a railway town.

We found gold, at least gold to us. Very few Sonics have Ched 'R' Bites. 

Lake Eufala State Park.

Couples add their lock, with engraved names or initials, to the fence. Not sure how well the marker will hold up. Trying to lighten our load, so I figure maybe down 1/4 of a pound?  It was a pretty heavy lock.

We saw quite a few deer run across the road in front of us this morning. 

They were quite camouflaged in the trees but they were joining the rest of the herd.

Funny to see Dogwood trees just starting to bloom. Not happy with the colder temperatures as we head north. Low 40's last night and only 61° today.

We moved on to Belle Star Weds, a Corps of Engineers Campground at Eufala lake. This is the biggest picnic table I've ever seen.  Pretty sure it could handle the 12 apostles and then some.

The Oklahoma Welcome Center was playing up the Sasquatch sitings in OK for tourism

Tuesday was our last full day at Ray Roberts State Park. We decided to go on a hike. We need to build up for our backpacking hike in Aug. If we get into the first campground we won't have to backpack far, but if it's full we have to move on! Also, it's quite a bit different hiking with a couple of bottles of water compared to a 35 pound pack, but we havent built up to that yet. It was a flat, non-rocky trail so we skipped the hiking boots. With the heavy rain a couple of nights before, that was a mistake. I refused to walk in "rivers" so we only went 3.2 miles.  It's a start!

We went through Timber lands...

bird country...

and wetlands.

Where are the Piepers now? Belle Star Campground, Eufala, OK

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