Sunday, April 2, 2023

I cannot balance, scamper or jump--not news to either of us!

I arrived a half hour early for church this morning and I ended up in the second overflow room, which was better than the hall. It was full too. In the interesting mix of people in our room we had a gentleman who offered instruction for folding our palms into crosses.

Staying here, about an hour north of the Dallas/Fort Worth area, for 3 nights. No sewer but we have water, electric, a concrete pad and a lot of wooded space. 

Spanish and French explorers began passing through in the 1500's but settlers, mostly from Tennessee, Missouri and Kentucky, did not arrive until the 1840's. Isle Du Bois is French for "Island of the trees."  
The short Eagle loop is being redone with activity stops. First one of the two completed said to stand like a Heron, which are found in the park. Pat did well, as he had less than a second to snap this before I jumped, ok, fell off. 

Stop 2 said to scamper like a squirrel. The Eastern Fox Squirrel can jump up to 10' to get to a branch. If they fall they can use their tail as a parachute. Turns out I can't do any of the three!

The Lost Pines Trail was across the road from the Eagle Trail. It was a loop trail too and pretty short.

Watch out for those fire ants!

Timber companies grow more Loblolly Pines then any other species in the southeastern US because the are fast growers. They can grow 50' in 20 years. Many birds and animals eat their pine nuts.

A Hackberry tree is identified by it's bumpy bark. The Native Americans used it's small, sweet, orange and red berries to treat sore throats and colds. Birds and animals like to eat them. 

People lived at this site from the late 1800's unti 1949. 

The Hercules' Club is covered by sharply-spined corky lumps. It's also known as The "toothache tree" because chewing on its bark, leaves or twigs causes a tingly, numb feeling in the mouth.

The Arkansas Yucca can only reproduce with the help of the Yucca Moth, who in turn can only eat yucca fruit. 
Where are the Piepers now? Pilot Point, TX

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