Sunday, August 20, 2023

"Galveston, oh Galveston I still hear your sea winds blowing..." Written by Jimmy Webb

Wow, we had high temperatures ranging from 98° to 104° the entire two weeks we were in Houston and that humidity! Wish I could say we're leaving it behind but I'm not sure I see a break as we head north.

Always a fun time with the grandkids. Alexa had her "golden" 12th birthday, more swimming, sewing, shopping (girl shopping) and eating out (too hot to cook). We got to spend some alone time with each of the girls. Only regret? We didn't get a picture with everyone. 

Clara giggled,  "Grandma, just one problem, I don't know which is my left or right arm. Eric knew what to do, tap her correct arm to give the directions. 

Each team had a simple picture and they took turns trying to tell the blindfolded person how to draw it.

Relay teams tried to build the fastest Sundaes. Then they ate them. 

Alexa  wanted to make something from one of her new cookbooks.

sugar cookie truffles

I love Galveston. Nearly a perfect town in my book. No fault of the town itself, but a major downside is the summer weather, blazing HOT!!! This year was worse than most.  The gulf is also known for it's dirty looking water, thanks mainly to the silt deposited by the Misssissippi River. Just a few days a year, when the wind calms down for a few days in a row, does the silt settle enough to produce beautiful blue waters.

This mural was huge.  One of of the most beautiful I've seen on our travels. 

A trip to Houston is not complete without a stop here.

I did stop at La King's Confectionary and with great will-power I purchased just one truffle (toffee crunch). A perfect appetizer!

I'm cheap date. Pat had one of their specials. I just needed one $4 "Strand Fish Taco" with mangoes. Made my day. 

My "shoe boy."

There were at at least a dozen ships on the horizon waiting to get into the harbor. 

Home Cut donuts is another must stop. They make the best powdered sugar cake donuts I've ever had. I had a talk with myself and I was only going to get one.  Fortunately there was only one left!

I am feeling successful! I have completed the final project (2 quilts and a table runner) from the April MSQC Doan Girls Retreat. It's not perfect but ready to be quilted. 
Where are the Piepers now? Jefferson, TX

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